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Don’t judge a book by it’s cover–and also it’s size.  This little booklet is useful for biblical counseling as a booklet for the counselee to go through and underline/highlight.  It is practical, addresses the heart of the issue and is Gospel based and Gospel driven–all major plus as to why one should have this book handy.  I just used it with someone in my church and realized that I can definitely use this booklet with others as well.  As with all good counseling resources, it’s not only useful for others–it was also convicting for me as the Pastor reading this.  Walter Henegar’s booklet has challenged me to think about procrastination biblically–typically I think of it as being lazy or something I’m not doing.  The author notes that it’s not just an issue of something absent, but also what is it that is present and a substitute of what one ought to be doing.  The booklet is also able to give gospel hope for why believers can change.  Highly Recommended.

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Dr. Stuart Scott is best known for his book titled, “Exemplary Husband.”  He is a professor of Biblical counseling who taught at The Master’s College, The Master’s Seminary, Boyce College and currently at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  The following is his lectures in a course on Pastoral Counseling at The Master’s Seminary.  What a wonderful resource!

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