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R. Scott Clark made waves within the “Reformed” circle by suggesting that those who do not hold to the original Reformed Confessions are not truly Reformed. He thinks that Reformed Baptist or Calvinist Baptist is an oxymoron. He continues with his satires, Spurgeonist Paedobaptist, Mercedes, Hondas, etc to make his case. Upon learning his theological beliefs, R. Scott Clark does not believe in the 6-day Creation and rejects theonomy. When press on these two issues, our own SlimJim rose to the occasion like a warrior would in his arguments, yet with gentleness and respect to an older man.

This is a good example of a younger man and a final year seminary student dialoging with an older man, a Church History Professor and a dean of WS. SlimJim argues that R. Scott Clark is the one that is not truly Reformed for not holding to the confessions! If a person steals some of the Honda parts and assemble his car with it would it still be a Honda, Dr. Clark? =) Stay tune …….

Dr. Haykin, a Church History Professor of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary responded in an important clarification on R. Scott Clark’s question/assertion on why there was no Baptist at the Synod of Dort. Because “Baptists who embraced Calvinistic soteriology did not exist at the time of the Synod of Dort, hence they could not have been there.”

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