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Four Faculty Members of Dallas Theological Seminary got together to do two Podcasts to have a Biblical response on the topic of Same-Sex Sexuality.  Specifically they are responding to the arguments that some have tried to explain away the verses in the Bible that described Same-Sex Sexuality as a sin.

The four professors are Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Robert Chisholm, Dr. Joe Fantin, and Dr. Jay Smith who are from the Old and New Testament department of the Seminary.  I appreciate that these are scholars of the Bible giving their input on the text.  They examined the biblical passages often brought up on homosexuality.  The first video is on on material in the Old Testament while the second video is on the material in the New Testament.


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The question, “is homosexuality sinful” is not asked or questioned as much now in your regular Starbucks time with your typical Sunday “Christian” friends because it is overwhelmingly stated in the Holy Scripture. It is really difficult to twist Scripture when it says “homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9).

The issue of same-sex attraction is not as clear for some. But, this is an issue that every thinking Christian should have a Biblical answer.

And I do believe that the Scripture is clear about the issue.

Romans 1:26 speaks of this attraction. The clause “degrading passions”, “vile passions”, “dishonorable passions” and “shameful lust” speaks to same sex attraction. The context and the following verse speaks about homosexual relation. Even the attraction that has yet to physically materialize is unnatural. Verse 27 states that they will receive the due penalty of their error.

Paul does not diminished the seriousness of this error. This error will lead to eternal punishment. Friends, this is a costly error to make.

For a detailed write up, see this paper that was presented at Evangelical Theological Society.

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