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This is a satire by a channel on Youtube called John B. Crist.

I thought it perfectly satirized those who are into being cool than into following Jesus and being faithful to Him.

Sadly I think there’s too many than there should be of Christians and so-called Christians who are like that; especially in youth ministry, college ministries, etc.

I thought it was interesting that they even mentioned Furtick.  I can’t stand his preaching.

Before anyone comment on here to say I don’t understand this generation, that I’m old and out of touch with the “future” which consists of Millennials, please, I’m a Millennial myself.

Let’s be faithful to Christ, the Gospel and God’s Word as our focus instead of fashion and trends.  Let’s make disciples for all chapters of life and not just the early half.

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The interviewer does a good job pressing on issues that Rob Bell is evasive on. Has American clergymen become like politicians with their double talk?

One of Steve Hays satire from Triablogue,

Bashir: You ate your mother for breakfast. That’s true, isn’t it?
Bell: I begin with the belief that when we eat our mother, God eats our mother. I begin with a divine being who is profoundly empathetic, compassionate and stands in solidarity with cannibals.
Bashir: I get that. But did you eat your mother for breakfast?
Bell: Eating your mother for breakfast is one culinary perspective within the stream of Christian cannibalism. There’s been within the Christian tradition a number of people who eat their mother for breakfast, but others eat her for lunch, or save her for dinner. Then there’s postmortem cannibalism. One of the things in the book I’m clear on and want people to see is that this tradition has all of these different opinions on the right time to eat your mother.
Bashir: So did you eat or not?
Bell: It’s a beautiful hope. We ought to keep that front and center.
Bashir: You’re trying to have it both ways. That doesn’t make sense. Yes or no: did you or didn’t you eat your mother for breakfast?
Bell: I think that’s a paradox at the heart of Christian cannibalism.

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