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First off thanks to Jeff Downs for letting me know about these lectures!

Westminster Theological Seminary have these “Seminary on Saturday” series and during April 2017 they had their professor of Apologetics Dr. Scott Oliphint teach.  For those of you who didn’t know Westminster Theological Seminary is the seminary where Cornelius Van Til taught at many years ago who was the founder of Presuppositional apologetics.  Christians must be informed by the Bible in how they do apologetics and that’s one of the plus of this method (among other things).

These lectures took place at Covenant Church in Nashville, TN.

Here are the lectures:


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From Justin Taylor’s blog, here’s an interview with Dr. Oliphint, professor of apologetics at Wesminster Theological Seminary, of his latest book, Covenantal Apologetics.

Apparently there’s a special one week sale of the new book at 60% off, that is, at the price of 8 bucks.

While I will get the book, I’m wondering if there’s anything new Dr. Oliphint will say that other Presuppositionalists haven’t said already.

(Hat Tip: JT)

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