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Should the government change the definition of marriage?


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This quarter I’m enrolled in a sex and gender class, thinking I would be forcing myself to grow stronger in my studies about the biblical role of men and women.

Instead I find myself studying about evolution, and the support for evolution in the first chapter of the textbook. Listening to lectures covering fossils such as “Java man” and “Lucy”, and watching a full hour or so of a DVD from the History Channel about the 1850’s to present search for the missing link.

I haven’t had a chance to study any of it yet but feel overloaded with more and more things to research and refute. I’ve been writing some paragraphs in my lecture notes on the side and with possible leads for future study. However, I am still trying to catch up to my school work. Hopefully this weekend, I’ll write a bit of what I’ve been thinking about as a post.

This coverage of Evolution has increased my desire to study a biblical view of anthropology and geology but it’ll probably have to wait till after I graduate.

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