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Today is our blog’s 11th anniversary!

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This is Veritas Domain’s 500th Post

At this milestone, we have posted many resource links concerning defending the Christian faith, and issues from a Christian worldview, with some of our own original posts as well

One of the most highest hit on our blog is our resources post on Greg Bahnsen’s Great Debate

Unusually, the post about “How to Commit the Most Successful suicide” is very popular…may the Lord use it to share the GOSPEL to those who are contemplating suicide

We’ve hit over a thousand comments…1096 to be exact.

I (SLIMJIM) have also been doing book reviews here of books that might edify the Church at large, since the Christian task is not only Apologetics, and negative refutation, but there is a need for the local church to be built up in the faith and in sound doctrines.

Pray that we can continue to be a Chrstian light on the internet

Pray that the Gospel will be shared, applied in how we see the World and defended here at Veristas Domain

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