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We haven’t been very political lately on Veritas Domain but I want to share some quick thoughts.

Taking Obama at his word, what does this administration’s Bengazi cover-up, the Justice department AP phone record grab, the IRS political targeting and the Gun-running for the Mexican drug cartels have in common? A president that didn’t know his own administration were doing these things.  And that really doesn’t help him either.   If it’s true then this is a sign of leadership failure.  This is true of any area, be it the corporate world, the military, law enforcement, etc.  How much more so is it for the highest office in the land.

I think this picture from Fox News is appropriate with all the scandal in the news the last week or so.

SEEKINGCOVER_20130516_134851Very symbolic.  The political storms are coming and Obama is seeking shelter.  And he’s not going to be responsible for it while others take the fall (and I’m not talking about raindrops).

This was from a White House press conference today with the president of Turkey as you can see from this youtube clip.

You know the Memes are coming so I thought I make some myself.

As a former Marine, I can’t resist making this one:

Obama Semper I

And a theologically appropriate for our blog.

Obama common grace

The last one reminds me of the context of Matthew 5:45 begins with verse 44:

But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may [a]be sons of your Father who is in heaven;

Even if you see Obama as the enemy (seeing his policy alienate and demonize Christian conservatives, even as potential terrorists), we ought to pray for him appropriately that he does the right thing.

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R. Scott Clark made waves within the “Reformed” circle by suggesting that those who do not hold to the original Reformed Confessions are not truly Reformed. He thinks that Reformed Baptist or Calvinist Baptist is an oxymoron. He continues with his satires, Spurgeonist Paedobaptist, Mercedes, Hondas, etc to make his case. Upon learning his theological beliefs, R. Scott Clark does not believe in the 6-day Creation and rejects theonomy. When press on these two issues, our own SlimJim rose to the occasion like a warrior would in his arguments, yet with gentleness and respect to an older man.

This is a good example of a younger man and a final year seminary student dialoging with an older man, a Church History Professor and a dean of WS. SlimJim argues that R. Scott Clark is the one that is not truly Reformed for not holding to the confessions! If a person steals some of the Honda parts and assemble his car with it would it still be a Honda, Dr. Clark? =) Stay tune …….

Dr. Haykin, a Church History Professor of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary responded in an important clarification on R. Scott Clark’s question/assertion on why there was no Baptist at the Synod of Dort. Because “Baptists who embraced Calvinistic soteriology did not exist at the time of the Synod of Dort, hence they could not have been there.”

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