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I appreciate the publishers providing this review copy before its official release date!

David Liss.  Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon.  Runnemede, NJ: Dynamite Entertainment, June 20th 2017.  96 pp.

4 out of 5

Purchase: Amazon

This is another Green Hornet comic book volume that I enjoyed.  I liked that this one is “old school” in that it is situated in the past rather than the present.  Putting the Green Hornet in our contemporary era seems to take away something from the story and I was disappointed when other Green Hornet graphic novels did that.  So I’m glad that one of the latest Green Hornet from Dynamite Entertainment retain the 1930s-40s era of the Green Hornet.  Note: If you don’t want to read any spoiler skip the next paragraph and read what follows after that.


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As a Christian I do enjoy flying and the opportunity to share the Gospel (Jesus dying on the cross to save us sinners) with those next to me.  Now of course this must be done in a manner that is Godly and respectful.  It’s also a joy to talk to different people and walks of life.  Up to this point all my conversations have been cordial.

Apparently Christians aren’t the only ones who want to share their worldview.


This past weekend a lady and her husband was kicked off their flight because the wife was berating a Trump supporter flying home after the inauguration.

Let’s just say she did not talk to the Trump supporter in a Godly manner.

Here’s my two cent.  I realize my tone is stronger than usual but I think it captures just how dangerous some on the Left have become in their intolerance.


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For those of you who have Amazon Prime Francis Schaeffer’s famous Christian worldview series “How Should We Then Live?” is available on Amazon Prime!  It is a series of 10 videos surveying the history of Western civilization and the flow of worldviews that shaped each era.  On their website they sell the DVD series for 22 dollars so if you have Amazon Prime this is not only a deal but something edifying and worthwhile.

The description of the series on Amazon Prime gives these words:

This is Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s spectacular ten-part series on the rise and decline of Western culture from a Christian perspective.


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Dr Al Mohler recently gave his commentary on choosing a President.

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