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I don’t often bring up the issue of race on my blog as it seems people can misunderstand one’s intention and what one is saying in so many different ways, its tiring.  To begin with I think George Floyd’s death was murder. A well applied blood choke of a few pounds of pressure for a dozen of seconds is highly uncomfortable so it’s unnerving to see an officer that looks like he’s over 200 pounds putting a large part of his weight on his knee on George Floyd’s neck for minutes.  Also some of you know I’m an ethnic “mutt” and I never really fit in any of the two ethnic group of my parents’ background and I’ve always saw myself at the end of the day first as a Christian then secondly as an American.  I want to comment briefly of something I saw floating around social media by a woman pastor whose pro everything Leftist and spends a lot of time using critical race theory to bash the church.  I think the article has some serious issues that bring more heat than light hence I am writing about it.


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