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takes time

One thing I’m glad I started this year on our blog has been looking at some Bible contradictions and showing how they really are not contradictory when one examines them carefully.

I decided to look up some of the verses that I answered and see how other Christians have answered it.  I don’t want this to be about me, but I see that some of my posts are more detailed than some of the offered answers out there.

Lord willing I plan to roll out more posts refuting Bible contradictions and showing how they are not contradictions.

But I do want to say something: Answering Bible contradictions takes time.  Why is that?


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One Witty Ditty For Your Memory of Theology Saving Grace is Free

This year I’ve been attempting to write posts that puts theology into bite size in memorable ditties.  When I preach I sometime include little rhymes to drive the point home.

Here’s my previous posts:

One Witty Ditty For Your Memory of Theology: Christ Atonement and our Sins

One Witty Ditty For Your Memory: Why Meditating on Christ Helps Us Fight Sin

In this post I want to remind us that saving Grace is free and free because of the work of the Son of God.


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care of pastors

Pastor Jack Hughes preached a two part series on “Care and Maintenance of Faithful Preachers.”  He’s planning to write a book on this topic.  As he said in the beginning of the message, it might be awkward for pastors to preach on what the Bible teaches of how the church should treat its pastors.  But the church’s relationship to her pastors should be given some thoughts and biblical examination.

I was blessed listening to it although I must admit Jack Hughes’ voice sometimes sound whiny.

Here’s the two messages that Hughes preached in London this summer:


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Our hearts are deceitful.  Sometimes people are covering up their sins when they think they are dealing with their sins.

Below are some indications to see if you are covering up your sins rather than dealing with them biblically with each point we have examples provided:


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Is church discipline unloving?  How many times it has happened in churches all across America where leaders in the church say practicing church discipline as described in the Bible in such places as Matthew 18 is “unloving.”  Then their reasoning continues with the conclusion that “if  church discipline is unloving therefore we should not practice church discipline.”

We as Christians must ask if this type of argument is biblical.

Let me be clear up front that I think people can mess up church discipline in an unloving manner, just like how people can mess any good and right act outwardly with a wrong motive and attitude.

However the issue I want to deal with is whether church discipline in of itself is “unloving.”  I think the contents of the book of 1 Corinthians helps us answer this question biblically.


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I normally don’t post things on here that’s personal.  This post is one of those exceptions.

I couldn’t write any posts last night and today because of a serious issue with my church.

It’s kind of unspoken.

It’s been a burden I’ve been carrying for two years.

Can you please pray for my church to be biblical?

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The need of decision for the truth Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon. The Need of Decision for the Truth. Scriptura Press, December 11th 2015. 23 pp.

This was originally a chapter in Charles Spurgeon’s classic, Lectures to My Students.  Although it was originally preached and written in the 1800s the content of The Need of Decision for the Truth is relevant even for the twentieth-first century.  In the beginning of the book Spurgeon talks about how people in his “present age” seem to think “Some things are either true or false, according to the point of view from which you look at them.  Black is white, and white is black according to circumstances; and it does not particularly matter which you call it.”  I was amazed to read these words in the book’s opening paragraph for that describes our time so accurately as well!  It reminded me that the attack on truth is nothing new, and truly the Bible is right when Ecclesiastes says that there is nothing new under the sun.  The rest of the book is focused on the importance of truth and the manner of Christian truth-bearing.


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