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The guys over at Team Pyro responds to a recent current event of a lady in sin who has gone public to the media to fight back against a church who’s exercising church discipline.

The pastors happened to be graduates of The Master’s Seminary.

Some good points made about her irrationality of going to the Media about the church ‘making her sins public’:

  1. Ms. Hancock is so worried about how hearing of her sin in church will affect her (adult) children… that she goes to the media with it? So, instead of a small local congregation knowing about her sin, now (potentially) the whole world knows about her sin. That makes sense? Neither reporter thought to ask her about that?
  2. In fact, we’re to believe that Ms. Hancock thinks it would have less of a negative impact on her children to have the whole world know (A) of her sin, and (B) of her unwillingness to take responsibility for it. That made sense to the reporters? No question-marks? None?

For more read here: http://teampyro.blogspot.com/2008/12/breaking-news-church-dares-to-practice.html

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Most cool people have Facebook now. You could be spending more time on interacting with your friends on Facebook than in real life or you may know more about what your old high school friends did over the weekend more than your own family and church family . You know you have spent too much time on Facebook when you spend more time thinking of a witty comment to put on your status than you did on your school’s essay title or your holiday shopping consists of virtual gifts.

Justin Buzzard gives 9 reasons not to use Facebook,

1. Don’t use status updates to complain. For many, complaining has become a trend on Facebook. With their status updates, many people broadcast consistent grumbles, like: “Joe is bored,” “Joe can’t wait to leave his stupid job,” or “Joe is exhausted.” By all means, be real, be honest and authentic, but beware of the culture of complaint.

2. Don’t measure your worth/identity by the number of your Facebook friends and interactions. Facebook measurements are the opposite of gospel measurements. Facebook tells you that the more Facebook friends and interactions you have, the more important, loved, and accepted you are. The gospel tells sinners an opposite message: no matter how lonely, unpopular, or unnoticed you might feel, in Jesus you are more loved, accepted, and noticed than you can imagine.

3. Don’t value forming Facebook (virtual) friendships more than real world friendships.

4. Don’t diminish your face-to-face time with people to check what’s going on in your Facebook world. If you’ve ever been out to dinner with friends and found yourself anxious to pull away and check out what’s happening on Facebook, you know what I’m talking about.

5. Don’t be someone online you’d never be in person. Let Facebook reflect the real you, not some pseudo-personality that emerges when you’re alone with your computer.

6. Don’t hurt and exclude others (intentionally or unintentionally) through use of applications such as “Top Friends.” Likewise, don’t become jealous of others having conversations without you. Be patient and gracious with potential misunderstandings that inevitably happen in cyberspace. When you spot something on Facebook that causes feelings of hurt or jealousy, assume the best.

7. Don’t allow Facebook and online life in general to make you a more distracted person. If you’ve noticed that use of Facebook and online life—constant change, updates, movement, and hyperlinks—has made it more difficult for you to sit down and read a book for one hour, you’d benefit from stepping back and evaluating how this technology is affecting you.

8. Don’t allow Facebook to tempt you away from your calling and work. Don’t let Facebook’s little status updates (“Lisa is chewing gum”) and Wall writings take your focus off the great and big things that your heart should be engaged in, namely the work that God has put you on earth to do.

9. Don’t let Facebook cause you to think about yourself more than you already do. You were created to look outside yourself toward God, other people, and the wonder-filled world he has made for you to enjoy and cultivate.

And he also gives 6 ways to use Facebook to love God and others, and care for your own soul,

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The Trinity Foundation have announced their annual Christian Worldview Essay Contest for those ages 18-23.

It’s on the book, “God’s Hammer: The Bible and it’s Critics”, which I do recommend by the way!

Here’s where you can get more information:


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This is a video expose by the Prolife movement at UCLA

Credits to Lila Rose for all she do in exposing Planned Parenthood’s

Watch the clip of a crime being committed

Hopefully Youtube will not delete this video as they have been doing with Live Action’s videos

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