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I surf the net often trying to keep abreast with the latest apologetics development online and also various assorted atheist website (though I have cut down on my atheist diet recently)

Well, interestingly enough, John Loftus, whom I’ve suspect in the past as the source behind various attacks against Christian anonymously or under false guise, have finally been caught cold handed in the act, thanks to the FEED CODE.

I first caught news of this from Frank WALTON earlier today, and J.P Holding of Tektonics Ministry was the target of John Loftus. So I thought I drop by Tektonics again (I was on it earlier at 7AM to see if there was any new material on a site that I’ve grown to love and hope to contribute more pieces in addition to the two essay I have there) and a link was given to the TWEB, where Mr. Holding regularly is in the forum of.

After much weasling, John Loftus the atheist who just had a recent blog on how Conservative Christians are hateful bigots (because there’s the KKK…lol!) turn out to be a hateful immature bigot himself.

He finally confessed to being behind the blog that he set up.

Peter Pike (Calvindude) over at Triablogue put it in perspective, and he’s hit it right on the nail on Atheistic hate which was written as part satire but also discusses the issue itself on Secularist bigoted hatred.


If you believe that Debunkers don’t propagate a notably strong sense of bigotry and hatred toward those who believe differently than they, then I have some challenges for you.First, seek out a member of the Debunkers or any other brand name apostates. Ask that person as plainly as you can, “Why do you hate Peter, Paul, and Steve?” Listen to their answer. I’m willing to bet an airline ticket to the Bahamas that the answer will be something like, “We don’t hate them. We hate what they stand for,” or “Those of us who believe in Debunking supremacy are having our way of life taken from us, and we are fighting to stop that.” Or, if the person you are asking is exceptionally well-versed in their bigotry, you may even get to hear a biblically endarkening discourse on Genesis on how “God himself never claimed to create blogs. Who are we to support them?” Almost never will they say, “I admit it. You got me. I hate those theists because that’s the way I am.”

Then, find a college atheist, a member or a sympathizer of a terrorist group like the Rational Response Squad. Ask him why he hates the Christians so much. Chances are, you’ll hear, “We don’t hate Christians. We once lived in peace with the Christians. We are fighting them to win back our freedom.” I am amazed how people can be so darn good at putting soft-peddle twists on hate speech to make it sound less objectionable.

THe three of us who blog for Vertias Domain are active in engaging in Presuppositional Apologetics and evangelism in Southern California, particularly to high schoolers, youth groups, college and grad students and Secular Campuses.

WHile following this, I thought to myself of how every anti-Christian I have met never confess their hatred to Christianity though it becomes so evident. YEsterday, during our evangelism, we had a dialogue with a regular atheist we debate with, and the amount of heat was fierce, yet there was little substance. The bulk of his ‘attack’ was ad Hominem and Red Herring, and getting upset that we would use logic since he’s rejected logic in his belief (laws of Identity is not true, no such thing as truth, no laws on Noncontradiction according to a previous conversation we had, science and logic are not compatible, Valid= good induction argument, etc…of course the list here protray a serious problem with his worldview and his own understanding of logic).

But he wouldn’t say he’s a hate monger. Ask someone walking by, and you might get something different…where he’s caught with his pants down.

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