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Would I attend a gay wedding?  This could be answered in a few different ways depending on how the question is tailored. First, I would not attend a gay wedding in token of support of a sinful union.  Why? because marriage is a monogamous relationship that is between one man and one woman (Gen. 1:27-28; 2:22-24).  That is how God constituted marriage.  No matter how hard the LGBT community fights to change the law concerning marriage, God’s definition of marriage will never change. It is a grievous attack against God when sinners try to assault this institute that is one of the cradles of human civilization.  So to attend a wedding in support/recognize the sinful homosexual union as a marriage is a direct contradiction to Christianity.  Calling yourself a Christian and at the same time approve of a gay wedding is a oxymoron.  Paul states in Romans 1:32, “And although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them” (NASB). Wow, Paul said those who practice such things are worthy of death.   Clearly Paul warns against one practicing sin and approving of sin. Although sin is sin and any sin can take one to Hell without Christ, not every sin is viewed in the same manner.  Some sins were deemed enough for capital punishment in OT times.  Hence, certain sins were considered abominations (Deut. 22:5).

Can I attend a gay wedding by not supporting the homosexual lifestyle?  Some Christians would have no problem with this.  Even though there is no explicit verse and chapter concerning this scenario, it does not mean that there are no principles in Scripture whereby we are unable to extract from.  We can, it is there.  For example, Scripture does not have a chapter or verse prohibiting internet pornography, abortion procedures, or human cloning, but we can extract biblical principles that are embedded in Scripture in order to make a clarion call against those sinful activities. To ignore biblical principles, because there is no direct chapter and verse that speaks specifically about the particular matter is faulty and dangerous hermeneutics.  Those who attend a gay wedding in this case and; believe they can attend a gay wedding without any repercussions;  have no qualms about it, and treat it as a light matter, justify their attendance as a symbol of relationship building so that they can win the homosexual to the Lord.  They will quote passages from Scripture which I think is taken out of context.  One passage in particular is from 1 Cor. 5:9-13 (see also Matt. 9:11; to name a few).  Although both passages do not prohibit interaction with rank and file unbelievers, it does not mean one can use it as a justification to attend an event that celebrates sin.  To do so, is to go beyond the author’s intention. Interacting with sinners does not mean to be subjected to the terms and conditions of the expectations of unbelievers.  Yes, Jesus spent time with sinners, but He was not subject to their terms nor approved their love of their sinful condition. Nor did He stood quiet or remained neutral about their sins. And He did not substitute relationship building in place of the Gospel.  He came to preach repentance and hope for the lost (Mk 1:14-15).  That was His way of relationship building. There are many ways to reach out to a gay person rather than taking the route of attending a gay wedding.  Logically speaking, a gay wedding has a purpose.  It’s purpose is to invite guests to celebrate their immoral and abominable lifestyle.  Attending their wedding propagates their lifestyle.  I use abominable, because Scripture refers to that particular sin as abominable, immoral, and an unnatural (Lev. 20:13; Rom. 1:26-27) lifestyle.

In addition, Scripture commands all to honor marriage (Hebrews 13:4).  Homosexuals who want others to recognize their union do not honor marriage. Marriage is only between a man and women.  Even if a believer marries a unbeliever, they are married, but not so in a gay wedding.  Do you think you are honoring marriage by attending an event that attacks the institute of marriage? God’s anger and wrath is directed against fornicators and adulterers.

I have a problem when a Christian attends a gay wedding and acts nonchalant or have no qualms about it.  Perhaps one needs to meditate on Scripture more in order to have these heavy truths of the true nature of marriage simmer in one’s mind.  How can one attend a gay wedding which God considers immoral? How can one lift up the toast that is used as a token of recognizing their union?  If you lift up your toast, you are one who gives approval of the sin ( Romans 1:26-27).

What if I attend the gay wedding and let people know clearly my position?  Even though you attend a gay wedding, it is still mainly and significantly an event that celebrates sin.  Plus, how clear you make your position known will depend how many people you share with.  It is safe to say that not everyone will know your Christian position and most will still probably treat you as an advocate of the gay wedding. If one invites me to a gay wedding, it would be to preach the Gospel, but it will not be beautiful.  It will be ugly.  Why?  Because the message I preach, although loving, will be very offensive to the hearers, because as a Gospel minister, I am obligated to expose the sin that is before me.  But I highly doubt one will invite me.  If one was invited to preach, you better make sure you are one that is not ashamed of the Gospel (Rom. 1:16) and one who preaches with boldness, passion, and conviction.  Moreover, I do not believe that attending a gay wedding is helping the person.  It is not helping, because it is magnifying and emboldening their sin that is being celebrated.  If you want to help a friend, there are others ways to do it.  If you want to help a person enslaved to pornography, you are not going to take him to a strip club or the Playboy Mansion.  Or if you want to help one who has trouble with drugs, you are not going to bring his old friends who are drug dealers with you near him. Attending their wedding only permeates their rebellion. I think you get my point.

I admire Christians who desire to seek for opportunities in order to reach out to sinners, but I think that some of the ways that it is being done is actually doing much more harm.  The motive to help a friend by attending a gay wedding is misguided.  We must stand up for truth–even if it means there will be division (Luke 12:51-53; John 15:18) and serious backlash.  We must be holy in our endeavors.  We must be distinct and separate from the world because Jesus is different. That was a biblical truth seen in the Book of Leviticus.  It’s major theme was on the holiness of God and how His people were to maintain a holy relationship with Him.  He was clear because He made categorical distinctions between the clean and the unclean.  His people’s lives that spans from what they eat, said, and wore, were all governed by God.  It was done in such a way that the nations saw a difference between them and Israel.  Their difference reflected the holiness of God.  May we too, apply those biblical principles when we discuss the LGBT movement.

What are the dangerous implications of attending a gay wedding?

  • First off I would like to reiterate that Jesus did hang out with sinners, but He never associated with their sin or condoned their sin.  Attending a homosexual wedding is tantamount to associating and condoning their sin.  Unless you protest against the wedding, then I think that would absolve you from associating and condoning their sin.  But I highly doubt they will invite you for that purpose.  One antidote, I like to remind myself so that I can mortify the temptation from being a people pleaser, is to approach evangelism and the Gospel through Jesus’ example.  I can’t see Jesus attending a gay wedding and keeping quiet about their sin (See 2 Kings 10).
  • My friend brought up a good point concerning the dangerous implications of attending a gay wedding for the sake of relationship building: “I think a similar question would be, ‘If my Hindu friend invites me to celebrate a festival in celebration of his gods, should I attend and participate?’ I think we all know the answer to that.”  Or “Why not pay money that goes towards the facility whereby babies are murdered so that you could build a relationship with the abortion doctors?”  As you can see, it opens up the flood gates of logical incoherence and inconsistency. You are bound to have a plethora of problems if you exalt relationship building above the Gospel. The Gospel is about repentance and faith in Christ.  As important as relationship building is, that is not what the Gospel is about.  The Gospel is about His glory and about saving sinners from their sin and Hell.
  • I believe that using 1 Cor. 5:9-13 for the purpose of justifying the right to attend a gay wedding is an example of twisting the Scripture.  The passage in 1 Cor. 5:9-13 is giving procedures in how to deal with hypocrites.  It is not a passage that is intended to teach how to deal with the reprobate.  This passage must be read carefully in its context.
  • Will attending the gay wedding violate your conscience (Rom. 14:13-22, 23) or stumble others (Rom. 14:23)?  If so, you are sinning against God.
  • Will it rob God of His glory that is revealed through His holiness?
  • Will it cause you to compromise the Gospel?
  • Will it cause others to view you as a supporter of this celebration of sin?

What are your thoughts readers?  

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