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Over at Reddit one of the top world news for today is a link to the British Mirror with this headlines: “Iraq to hang 36 ISIS fighters for massacre of 1,700 captives who were told they were going home.

Iraqi soldier mass graves

My first thoughts on seeing the headlines was how heinous are the sins these ISIS evil thugs committed.

My second thought took me back to my time in Iraq.

When you see what hell man can commit against their fellow man, the doctrine of hell is harder to reject in Iraq than in the cozy air conditioned suburbia of America.

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Sometimes Mondays are known as the Pastor’s day off.  Now nowhere in the Bible does it say for Pastors to take Monday off.  But I think wisdom dictates that Pastors should also rest.  There’s time the Pastor needs to rest in Christ.  There’s time the Pastor needs to make sure his family is first. The question then is what day?

Its probably not going to be Sunday.  Sunday is super busy.  I feel I die every Sunday and come back to life every week.  So what other days of the week should the Pastor rest?


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