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To begin with a personal note, many years ago the author was the pastor of the current church I am ministering at now, though I only heard him preach once when he came back to visit. This short book was adapted from a sermon that the author preached and the book is written with the lay reader in mind. Basics such as why the topic of baptism is important, a short account of types of baptism in the New Testament, a summary of the word study of “baptize” and why the author believes in believer’s baptism by immersion is given here. Author does tackle the topic of the relationship with baptism and salvation, and I appreciate his remark that one ought to begin with the epistles to explain the narrative passages given that the epistles function largely to explain the doctrines of the faith and is prescriptive rather than descriptive (that is not to say there is no example for us in narrative portion of Scripture, but must be done in consideration of the prescriptive [imperatives and prohibition] passages in the Bible). There is an appendix of Charles Spurgeon’s sermon against Baptismal regeneration, which I appreciate and I am one who is growing to appreciate a lot more of the writing by dead men. With what little I have read of Spurgeon, I’m surprise how that Victorian English preacher from the past can speak to us still today– during those moments when I do come across Charles Spurgeon’s written sermon, I wished he asked me what I want so I can reply, “Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit.”

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