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This is our blog’s sixth year in which we post our recommendations of books as Christmas gifts on the subject of Presuppositional apologetics or the Christian worldview.

Here are the recommendations from previous years, and if you are new to the whole thing with Presuppositional apologetics I highly recommend the listing from 2014 which we highlighted in bold:

This year list’s of recommended books on Presuppositional apologetics are more for those moving beyond introduction.  Each category has one book with a brief description, a link to my review and where one can purchase the book.

For Those Moving Beyond Introduction

The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God (A Theology of Lordship) by John Frame

The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God John Frame cover

Description: John Frame’s work is helpful in making one become biblically conscious of theological method.  This is a good way to come to a biblical view of epistemology (theory of knowledge).  My Review can be found by clicking HERE.  Purchase: Westminster | Amazon.


John Frame’s Selected Shorter Writings Volume 2 by John M. Frame

John Frame Selected Shorter Writings Volume Two

Description: By shorter writing this book means essays and this book is a good example of how shorter chapters can be filled with substance and be thought-provoking.  Essays on theological method, apologetics and philosophy of education for training those for ministry. My Review can be found by clicking HERE. Purchase: Westminster | Amazon.

For Those Wanting to See A Fresh Presentation of the Trinity applied to the Problems of Philosophy

Traces of the Trinity: Signs of God in Creation and Human Experience by Peter J. Leithart

Traces of the Trinity Signs of God in Creation and Human Experience by Peter J Leithart

Description: Hands down the most interesting book I’ve read this year and I was pretty skeptical of the book in the beginning.  I have concern for Leithart’s theology in other areas but he hits it out of the ballpark in this book.  If you enjoy Van Til’s use of the Trinity to address the philosophical problems of the One and the Many, you would like this book alot.  My Review can be found by clicking HERE. Purchase: Amazon.

For Those Wanting to Gain Insight from Non-Van Tillian Presuppositionalists

In Defense of Theology by Clark Gordon

In Defense of Theology Gordon Clark

Description: I’m commited to Van Til’s apologetics but I have benefited from Gordon Clark.  This work is accessible to those who are new to Clark’s work.  My Review can be found by clicking HERE. Purchase: Amazon | Also Available as E-Book from Trinity Foundation.

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History of Western Philosophy John Frame

John Frame. A History of Western Philosophy and Theology.  Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, October 23rd, 2015. 864 pp.

This year (2015) is one of John Frame’s most productive year in terms of the quantity and quality of books published.  For many the most anticipated book among them is probably A History of Western Philosophy and Theology.  The following is my review of this book.

If there is anyone today that is qualified to give a biblical evaluation and exposition of Western philosophy and how it shapes theology it would be John Frame.  This book is the result of the author’s experience with teaching and writing on philosophy, theology and apologetics over the last few decades.  Like other works by Frame I appreciate his commitment to Scripture and the Christian worldview.  At the same time Frame is knowledgeable of philosophy.  Frame is a great model of a Christian scholar:  He is charitable but does not shy away from refuting error.  All this contribute towards making this work a great book.


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The Gospel and Personal Evangelism Dever

Mark Dever. The Gospel and Personal Evangelism.  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, September 7th, 2007. 124 pp.

I was reading this book together with a brother from church and found this to be a helpful resource.  I appreciated the tone of the book since it was pastoral, biblical and loving towards the Lord and those who don’t believe.  I enjoyed this book enough to went ahead and purchase a few copies for other members of my church for Christmas.


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Happy Veteran’s Day to all you who served that reads this blog!  I think this book review is appropriate for today.

When Books went to war Molly Guptill Manning

Molly Guptill Manning. When Books Went to War: The Stories that Helped Us Win World War II.  Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, December 2nd, 2014. 288 pp.

This book is about books and it wasn’t boring!  The subject of this book is about the effort of average Americans and later the US government in providing books to members of the military during World War Two.  The bulk of the time in war is boredom.  Servicemembers need something to occupy their time.  I’ll remember my time in Iraq in which individual Marines blasted rap, country and heavy metal (I can’t picture guys listening to Justin Beiber, I’m just saying).  In a world where MP3 players, DVD players and PSPs were not existent, the GIs in World War Two read.


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This is a timely review in light of the 240th Marine Corps birthday tommorow (November 10th).

Voices of the Pacific Untold Stories from the Marine Heroes of World War II

Adam Makos. Voices of the Pacific.  New York, NY: The Berkley Publishing Group, April 2nd, 2013. 416 pp.

My hats off to the Marine veterans of World War Two.  This book reminds me why that generation was the greatest generation America has ever known.  And also why they are one of the best generation of Marines we’ve ever had.  This book tells the account of fifteen Marines who fought in the Pacific in their own words.  As the author stated in the beginning, these are the last words of men who are in their nineties and some of the stories of what happened in World War two have never been told by these survivors before.  The book is simply incredible.


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4376 cvr CC.indd

Walter Kaiser. Tough Questions About God and His Actions in the Old Testament.  Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, October, 1st, 2015. 176 pp.

I was first introduced to the author when I was in seminary and I found his books immensely helpful.  So when I saw that Walter Kaiser has written a book on tough questions concerning God in the Old Testament I knew I had to read it.  Over the years there has been a few works concerning the difficulties of the Old Testament written by Christian apologists but this one really got my attention since Kaiser is an Old Testament scholar and a specialist in the field for decades.


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Sometimes I need to take a break from theology and read historical non-fictions or account of law enforcement.  Here’s one such book with a Christian reflection below.No Angel Jay Dobyns

Jay Dobyns. No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels.  New York, NY: Crown Publishers, February 10th, 2009. 328 pp.

The story of an undercover ATF federal agent who worked to infiltrate the Hells Angels Motorbike gang in Arizona.  It is a spellbinding account of Jay Dobyns’ work and how it affected him as a result of this undercover operation.  The background story that the book provides of Dobyns life is just as interesting as Operation Black Biscuit (the operation against the Hells Angels).  Dobyns was a college football star turned federal agent.  On his first day with the ATF he was shot in the chest while pursuing a fugitve and while most people’s brush with death would make them think twice of their career for Dobyns the adrenaline rush of surviving death made him want to stay around for more.  Not only did he stay with the ATF but Dobyns also decided to go undercover.  He was quite an experienced undercover agent when he went on assignment with the Hells Angels case.  It’s quite a read especially for the general readers since it provide a window into the world of outlaw motor bicycle gangs.   Equally interesting was the window the book provides to the world of undercover cops and how they tried to enter into the bikers scene.  These guys are incredibly smart and quick witted.


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