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There is a Southern California conference that is a gathering of the young (High school through Young adults), Calvinistic and of the Christian Missionary Alliance Churches that you should know about.  They have just finished their second year and are planning things for the third year with invitation to more churches to join them.  If you are around the area, you should consider attending next July.

While it’s not an apologetics conference, nevertheless they do have apologetics Break-Out Session that is Presuppositional in their method!  I’ve added a seminar on hermeneutics since apologetics is broader than dealing with atheism, but also with the cults which involve properly interpreting the Bible with an historical and grammatical hermeneutics.  Enjoy!

For the brochure with the handouts to the 2013 sesssions, click HERE.

Introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics/Perspectivalism
Speaker: Jimmy Li

How to Study Your Bible
Speaker: Mark Pakingan

Foundations of Science

Speaker: Zach Holter

Witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses
Speaker: Jimmy Li

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