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History fascinates me.  When I became a Christian it became even more so.  I know it is somewhat cliche but I saw “History is His Story.”

I am fascinated with older books (that’s historical) on history–we get a window of the times of how certain people in a certain era reflected on the past.  Even more fascinating is when people try to engage history with a Christian worldview.

The following are two historical works in an earlier era in American history in which both authors engaged in a Christian view of the History of the United States.  They are found free on Google Books:


George Bancroft wrote History of the United States of America in 1892.  He was a politician and writer and among his accomplishment in life was the establishment of the US Naval Academy when he was Secretary of the Navy.



David Ramsay wrote The History of the American Revolution in 1811.  He was a doctor that later became one of America’s early historian of the War of Independence.

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