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Kind of slow to getting to the blog after a long week of unusual amount of ministry.

I’ve been meaning to respond to a certain Tom Chantry who has made some accusation against theologian John Frame.  A few months ago someone attending Westminister Seminary at Escondido sent me a link to Chantry’s blog attacking theologian John Frame titled “Re-Framing Reformed Baptist Doctrine.”  I have seen this link go around elsewhere on facebook.  (The post and blog has since been made private).  Now personally I don’t get riled up when Christians disagree, so long as it is done charitably.  But I thought the post was rather off the mark by a long shot; it was as if Chantry had an ax to grind.

One of the troubling claim Chantry made was the relativism of John Frame’s theological method.  Chantry’s claim of relativism and subjectivism goes together.  In this post I want to document Chantry’s claim and also demonstrate that’s not case from looking at John Frame’s own words.


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