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Patrick Rock

Note: After completing our series of Twenty Apologetics Sermon Illustrations, I can’t help it but to see more good analogies out there for an apologist’s toolbox.

Point: How often do you hear people say that they are against Christianity because of the hypocrisy of those who say they believe in Christianity or are leaders in the Christian community?  Does the existence of hypocrites rule out the truth claims of the propositions set forth in Christianity?  While we don’t want to downplay the responsibility of people’s sin and hypocrisy we must also realize that hypocrisy as an argument against Christianity does not have that much weight as it might seem initially.

Picture: The following news story seems to be an appropriate analogy to illustrate my point.

A senior adviser to David Cameron was arrested on child abuse images allegations, Downing Street said tonight.

Patrick Rock, who had been involved in drawing up proposals for internet porn filters, resigned after being questioned by police. Officers from the National Crime Agency examined Downing Street’s computer systems and offices used by Mr Rock, 62.

He was an been adviser to the Conservative party for 30 years and got to know Mr Cameron in the mid-1990s when they were both worked for Michael Howard when he was Home Secretary.

The Prime Minister brought him into Downing Street in 2011 to work in the Number 10 policy unit. He took responsibility for home affairs issues and was among officials who were involved in drawing up controls against internet images of child abuse.

A Downing Street spokesman said: “On the evening of February 12, Downing Street was first made aware of a potential offence relating to child abuse imagery. It was immediately referred to the National Crime Agency.

“The Prime Minister was immediately informed and kept updated throughout. Patrick Rock was arrested at his home in the early hours of February 13, a few hours after Downing Street had reported the matter.

“Subsequently, we arranged for officers to come into No 10 and have access to all IT systems and offices they considered relevant.

“This is an ongoing investigation so it would not be appropriate to comment further, but the Prime Minister believes that child abuse imagery is abhorrent and that anyone involved with it should be properly dealt with under the law.”

The Daily Mail quoted a friend of the Prime Minister as saying: “He has known Patrick for a long time and never expected anything like this.”



OPPONENT: I can’t believe in Christianity because of all the hypocrisy I see. <Insert moral argument (Example: Church experience, Christians throughout history who were oppressive, etc) >

CHRISTIAN: I see.  I don’t want to downplay the tragedy of people committing evil acts.  I would join you in saying that when Christians or so-called Christians sin, that is a wrong that ought to be called out for what it is.  Do you know I agree with you that hypocrisy is wrong?


CHRISTIAN: Now let me ask you another question: Do you think that just because someone is a hypocrite means that the ideas itself that allegedly espoused must necessarily be false?


CHRISTIAN: I think therefore its not enough to point out there are hypocrites and rule out Christianity…

OPPONENT: I mean yes.

CHRISTIAN: Oh.  I’m curious, do you think Child Pornography is wrong?

OPPONENT: What?  Of course it is wrong!  It is sick!

CHRISTIAN: Have you heard about how in the UK there is a man name Patrick Rock who is really against Child pornography on the internet?

OPPONENT: No tell me about him.

CHRISTIAN: <Insert apologetics illustration>


CHRISTIAN: I imagine you agree with me that what Patrick Rock did was wrong.


CHRISTIAN: But does Mr. Rock’s inability to live up to his own standard rule out his ideology that Child Pornography is wrong?

OPPONENT: Of course not…

CHRISTIAN: I agree, I’m glad you said that.  In the same way, you can’t just dismiss Christianity as doctrinally false just because there are hypocrites who claim to follow and represent it.  If we reason this way, why, we would be in a world of problems won’t we?



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