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Note: I’m taking a break today from our Saturday Series going through the Book of Jonah since there are some exegetical issues I need to resolve through and re-work my outlines in light of further studies (that’s the good thing about continuous studies, you learn you never arrived even after teaching it and if we are faithful we discover our original interpretations sometimes need some revision).

In light of our break, today I want to update everyone on our Amazon review project which I encourage others to do as salt and light on the internet.

Two months ago I wrote a post “

Basically all my book reviews that I have posted on our blog over the years will be reposted at Amazon.  We review all books from the perspective of the Christian worldview.

I’m a bit behind schedule with posting book reviews over there as it gets pretty tedious.  But today we reached our milestone of 200 Book reviews on Amazon.  Lord willing by the time we get all the reviews up there we will reach 285 reviews or more reviews.

Our Amazon Profile page with the book reviews can be accessed by clicking HERE.

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