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Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between February 8th-14th, 2020.

1.) Doubt Requires God and Facing Struggles

2.) Bible Contradiction? Was Jesus homeless?

3.)Refuting the Friendly Atheist – Questions 1-4

4.) Cave to the Cross Ep. 58 – Finding Truth – Twilight Of The Gods – Part 1

5.) Question Evolution Day and the proper approach to apologetics

6.) Interacting with Ligonier’s “Christianity and Van Tillianism” (Part 3)

7.) Behold the beauty of atheism

8.) Review – A Matter of Days – Chapter 7 (part 1)

9.) Naturalism and Question Evolution Day

10.) Expository Apologetics: Answering Objections with the Power of the Word

11.) Calling out a Drive-By Virtue-Signaling Troll


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