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Revealed Apologetics

Recently Revealed Apologetics had a discussion on “Presuppositional Apologetics, Van Til, & Trinitarian Theology.”

The interview is with Dr. Lane Tipton.  He use to be a professor at Westminister Theological Seminary, was a student of the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen and is involved presently with teaching at Reformed Forum.  He has really specialized in the Trinity, Van Til, Theology Proper and apologetics.  I was blessed by his approach that hold to historic orthodox view and also all things Presuppositional Apologetics.  There’s some things that I probably come back to listen to again here.  So I’m having this on the blog for future reference for myself and others!

The video is below:


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Here are links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between September 15th-21st, 2022.

1.) Cave to the Cross’ No One Is Neutral, No Not One – Ep.194 – Against All Opposition – Unbelievers Are Not Neutral And Christians Shouldn’t Be – Part 1

2.) Theonomoney Interview: Presuppositional Parenting

3.) Episode 8 – A Case for Presuppositional Apologetics (Part 4)

4.) Bible contradiction? Did God command the Israelites to make him burnt offerings?

5.) Apologetics: What and Why | Apologist Answers

6.) The Geographical Details of Old Testament’s Messianic Prophecies

7.) Always Ready: Chap. 16 Worldviews In Collision

8.) Genesis 49:8-12 is Messianic Prophecy

9.) Animals Minus Traits Equals Evolution?

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There’s a podcast can Theonomoney that recently had an interview on an interesting topic: Presuppositional Parenting.

Theonomoney is a podcast by brother Jeremy.  It is a podcast exploring the Law of God and what it teaches us today about economics, both public and private. The Facebook page for the podcast can be found here.

This specific episode (episode 68) is on how Presuppositional Apologetics has implications for parenting.


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The following are links related to Presuppositional apologetics that were posted on the Internet between September 1st-8th, 2022.

1.) Christian Worldview Episode 6 – A Case for Presuppositional Apologetics (Part 2)

2.) Bible contradiction? How many did God kill for committing whoredom with the daughters of Moab?

3.) Catholicism, Molinism and Arminianism | Apologist Answers | Van Til

6.) Genesis 3:15 is Messianic Prophecy

7.)Christocentric Philosophy II

8.) Logic Transcends Materiality

9.) “Where’s the Proof?” (part 2)

10.) Exploration 109 – Faulty Interpretations

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Revealed Apologetics

Recently Revealed Apologetics had a discussion on “The Old Testament & the Philosophy of Evidence.”

Revealed Apologetics is a Youtube channel by Eli Ayala.  This discussion is one that touches on Presuppositional Apologetics, interpreting historical evidences, the Old Testament, Biblical theology, the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament and Messianic Prophecies.

The video is below:


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Here are the Presuppositional links from the world wide web between August 22nd-31st, 2022.

1.) Cave to the Cross’ The Christian Responsibility To Educate Children – Ep.191 – Jeff Park From The Anarchist Bible Study – Part 1

2.) Bible Contradiction? How should adulterers be punished?

3.) Further Atheistic Religious Fanaticism

4.) How not to do “cultural” apologetics: Response to Crosspolitic Claim that Baptists caused the Transgender Movement

5.) Christian Worldview Episode 5 – A Case for Presuppositional Apologetics (Part 1)

6.) Fact Sheet on Bible and Slavery

7.) Practical Presup

8.) Presuppositional Apologetics for the Everyday Believer: Revealed Apologetics Interview with Mark Farnham

9.) Review of “Excusing Sinners and Blaming God” Part 2 on Calvinism and Divine Involvement in Evil

10.) Bible Contradiction? Can God stop iron chariots?

11.) Christocentric Philosophy I

12.) Does God Exist? | Apologist Answers | Dr. Greg Bahnsen

13.) An introductory lecture on Biblical apologetics

14.) Always Ready: Chap. 14 A Two-Fold Apologetic Procedure

15.) The most powerful answer to why to believe the bible. | Apologist Answers | Voddie Baucham

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Every Believer Confident Apologetics for the Ordinary Christian

Recently Revealed Apologetics interview Mark J. Farnham on his book.

According to Revealed apologetics description of the show:

In this episode, Eli talks with Mark Farnham, author of “Every Believer Confident”, about how to apply presuppositional apologetics at a beginners level.

Who is Mark Farnham?  He is active teaching Apologetics in local churches and is the Professor of Apologetics at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, PA.  Dr. Farnham has a Master of Theology degree in New Testament from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a Master of Divinity degree from Calvary Baptist Seminary and a PhD in Apologetics from Westminster Theological Seminary.

I have reviewed that book here.

The video is below:


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Recently Revealed Apologetics interview Dr. Jason Lisle on evolution.

Who is Jason Lisle?  Jason Lisle is a Creationist, astrophysicist and Christian apologist.  He wrote probably a very good introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics titled The Ultimate Proof of Creation.  We have reviewed that book here.  Also I have written a discussion guide for the book here.

The video is below:


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Here are the links related to Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between August 8th-15th, 2022.

1.) Cave to the Cross’ Take Every Thought Captive – Ep.188 – Against All Opposition – Reasoning As A Christian Should

2.) Bible Contradiction? Should we hate other people?

3.) Wrong Ideas on the Origin of Polytheism

5.) Internet Atheists Proving God is Right about them — Again

6.) Apologetics Session 13: Jesus Existed in History

7.) The End of an Era. The Beginning of a New One.

8.) Presuppositional Apologetics tackling other religions and cults: Bibliography of Books and chapters of Books

9.) Unbelief Distorts Human Rationality

10.) Is evolution a religion? | Apologist Answers

11.) Pushing The Antithesis – Part 7 – Overcoming Metaphysical Bias

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Redeeming Our Thinking about History A God-Centered Approach By Vern Poythress

I have really been enjoying Rooted In Revelation Podcast (Facebook page here) this past year.  It is a podcast that touch on theology, apologetics and Christian living.  This is hosted by Nate Burns.

There’s a recent show on the topic of Christianity and the study of history based upon Dr. Poythress’ new book (pictured above).


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Exactly eleven years and two days ago on this blog I started a series slowly writing down illustrations that I thought might be helpful for sermons or evangelism that has apologetics’ thrusts.

Here’s 80 of them arranged topically.  Which one was your favorite?


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Here’s the end of June 2021 Presuppositional Apologetics’ Links gathered between June 22nd-30th, 2022.

1.) Cave to the Cross’ Book 8 Announcement – Ep.182 – Join Our Book Club


3.) Archaeology and Fact-Checking the Bible

5.) Bible Contradiction? Did Jesus Claim That No One Has Ever Gone to Heaven?

6.) Apologetics Session 11: How to Give Evidence Presuppositionally

7.) The underlying rhetoric of “imposing” religion or “morality” used by the Dobbs’ Dissent [“imposing your religion”]

8.) Bible Contradiction? How should strangers be treated?

9.) Presuppositional Apologetics in 7 Minutes

10.) A Walking Contradiction who want to attack the Bible

11.) The Decrees of God as an Apologetic Tool

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Here’s a doctoral dissertation that Liberty University’s Rawlings School of Divinity has made available titled “Philosophy of History, Historical Jesus Studies, and Miracles: Three Roadblocks to Resurrection Research.”   I imagine this would be a treat and food for thought for those into apologetics, history and historical methodology.  I myself am fascinated with these areas.

The dissertation was written by Benjamin C. F. Shaw and was completed on May 2020 as part of his completion of his Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and Apologetics (PhD).  I am thankful Liberty University has made this thesis available online for free.

Here’s an abstract:


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Relationship presup

Personal Relationship are part of the fabric of who we are.  Yet relationships don’t make sense in every worldview.  In fact personal relationships are intelligible and meaningful in a Christian worldview.

On May 21st there was a conference called “Rescue Youth and Young Adult Conference 2022” at Metropolitan Baptist Church at Hollywood Florida.  Speaker James Hanna delivered an excellent message employing Presuppositional Apologetics to drive the point home that relationships presupposes the Biblical worldview.

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Here are links related to Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between June 15th-21st, 2021.

1.) Cave to the Cross’ Why? For God’s Glory! – Ep.181 – Scott Christensen Interview On What About Evil – Part 2

2.) Bible Contradiction? Who appeared to Moses in the burning bush?

3.) Our Evolving, Thinking, Learning Universe?

4.) Dutch Windmill, Van Til and Thoughts on Inter-disciplinary Theology and Innovations

5.) Biblical Case for Presuppositional Apologetics in 7 Minutes | Dr. James White

6.) Father of the Creation Movement: Eric Hovind and David Whitcomb talk about legacy of John C. Whitcomb

7.) How Ephesus causes problems for Skeptics

8.) Facebook Meme

9.) Analogical knowledge of God, and the Clark-Van Til controversy

10.) Greg Bahnsen’s book “Against All Opposition” Chapter 1 Discussion Guide Answers from Revealed Apologetics

11.) What is the Problem of Induction, and Why are Christians Uniquely Situated to Answer It?

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