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Cherisse Scott refuted

Planned Parenthood tweeted an article by Cherisse Scott that’s found at http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2015/10/07/new-billboards-bring-messages-empower-inspire-black-community/.

I want to critique the following paragraph:

Fast forward to 2015, when anti-choice individuals have no problem co-opting the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag to further their agenda of controlling and limiting women’s health-care choices.  And yet, of course, they are nowhere to be found once our children are born. If I found out I was pregnant right now, I would highly consider abortion, if only to spare my child the threat of state-sanctioned violence he is likely to face. It seems from the time a Black child is in the womb, the system starts preparing for a future that will either put that child in prison or in the city morgue. Even now, as a Black mother raising a Black son, I am working every angle at my disposal to ensure he stands a chance striving against the reality of his life—a life that beyond his immediate family structure is not safe. When confronted with the staggering rates of mass incarceration of Black men and boys, why would I subject my child to the very real possibility of legalized slavery? For many Black women, abortions are as much an act of love as bringing a child into this world and raising it could ever be.

Here’s my response:


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