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I’m addressing Los Angeles County Christians in this post.  2015 is not necessarily a big election year like next year (President, Congress, various Senators, etc).  Still it’s important if a Christian vote, they vote according to what aligns to Christian principles.  The following is an election guide from Election Forum for Southern California.  You should check out their website.

Remember also to pray for our leaders and their policies.

Candidate Ratings:

Every candidate is considered after thorough research; we also have a questionnaire for candidates to complete.

  • thumb upthumb upthumb up : Strongest endorsement for values voters
  • thumb upthumb up : Above average
  • thumb up : Better than opponent. Some races are between candidates that you will disagree with. You may not want to vote for any of them, but at least a 1 thumbs up makes one candidate as better than the other. It’s the lesser of the two evils. 1 thumbs up is not really an endorsement.
  • No Endorsement: We either oppose the candidates or have found no reason to support a candidate. If you don’t vote for a candidate or issue, all your other votes you make for other offices still count.


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