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What a blessing to help lead and encourage saints from Community Faith Bible Church and students from The Master’s College at a murder mill in Downey, CA. There were opportunities to proclaim the Gospel openly, one-on-one, and hold signs in front of the public in order to bring awareness of the halocaust before us. Some of the students from the college asked me questions concerning evangelism at abortion mills. They wanted to learn. Some expressed that they were thankful that they came. Pray that the students use what they saw to bring awareness concerning the silent halocaust in our country. They are the future of the church. Unlike the unbelievers of the future, my heart was grieved when a teenage boy gave me the finger. His future looks dim if he is not born-again. I asked them what are you guys doing here and his girlfriend responded, “It’s none of your business.” I said, “Your soul is my business.” Yes, folks, their souls are our business. We care for them.

Glory be to God concerning yesterday. Brother Josh and the saints from CFBC and the college were encouraged by the outreach. Please pray for them concerning their future outreach plans. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. On another note, as I had my eyes upon FPA (Family Murder Associates), I noticed how deceptively FPA appears. The building is bland and the sign is faded. They have been butchering babies for decades with their surgical weapons and chemically killing them with the pills. As the sign fades, I could not help but to the think of the faded memories of people towards the babies and their apathy towards the most innocent of all image bearers. You see as memories fade, evil grows. We must agitate and boldly confront evil (Eph. 5:11). While the babies silently scream (can’t hear them due to amniotic fluid in their vocal cords) because their arms and legs are being ripped apart, many people are resting well and enjoying life. This gives more of reason to expose this hideous organization. This organization is known as one of the biggest abortion providers in the U.S. They are volume driven. Not too long ago, a woman reportedly died after a botched abortion at FPA in Mirarmar, CA while being transported from FPA to the emergency room. May God’s people expose evil and proclaim the saving power of Christ. Please pray God will raise up more fearless evangels.

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