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For our Tuesday series at church we have been going over a series on apologetics.  Unit 1 are lessons on Worldview is done and currently I’m going over Unit 2 on historical apologetics.

I thought I put together in a table of content the first unit.

Here are the links to the outlines below:


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Establish the need: Why is this session important? We often hear discussion about God and the problem of evil.  However we must not downplay or neglect the issue of evil and the problem of atheism.

Purpose: In this session we shall discuss four points to help us think about evil and the problem of atheism to realize that in wrestling with the problem of evil there is a problem with atheism.

  • All worldviews have the burden of proof of explaining how evil exists
  • Atheism undermine the existence of evil: What atheist have to say
  • If God is the basis for determining good and evil then there is no problem of evil
    God uses evil to bring about good


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  • apologetics_session_atheism_and_the_problem_of_morality

Establish the need: Can people have morality without God?

Purpose: We will look at three points concerning the problem of ethics in an atheist worldview.

  1. Review
  2. What is the nature of morality?
  3. What is the origin of morality?


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Establish the need: What do you do when someone say they don’t believe in God because they never seen God? There is an assumption of empiricism in that objection and that needs to be dealt with.

Purpose: We will look at four focus to help us think about worldview in apologetics

  1. Reminder of how to refute worldviews
  2. Definitions with the atheist worldview
  3. Problem with Empiricism
  4. Problem with Materialism


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Establish the need: What is a worldview? And what does it matter?

Purpose: We will look at four focus to help us think about worldview in apologetics

  • What is a Worldview
  • Everyone has a worldview
  • Worldviews are circular
  • Refuting and Defending Worldviews


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Establish the need: What does God think about unbelief?

Purpose: We will look at four truths to have a biblical view of how God sees unbelief.

  1. Creation attests that the Biblical God exists
  2. The Word of God is self-evidencing
  3. Christ is self-evidencing
  4. God’s description of unbelievers

Review: Previous Lessons and how it connects with this session

  • We have to defend the faith (session 1)
  • We can’t be neutral (session 2).
  • We have to have a biblical view of faith and reason (session 3)
  • We also need to have a right view of unbelief.
    • Since we can’t be neutral we need to listen to God’s Word on this subject.
    • We need to hear God on whether He has given evidence of Himself and from there what is God’s evaluation of unbelief.


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Establish the need: What is the relationship of faith and reason?

Purpose: We will look at four truths to have have a biblical view of faith and reason so that we can properly defend the faith.

  1. God wants us to have faith
  2. God wants us to reason
  3. Wrong Views of relationship of faith and reason
  4. The Right View of Faith and Reason

Review: Previous Lessons and how it connects with this session

  • Session one introduce us to apologetics both with the definition and the duty Christians have to defend the faith–>So this week we want to look at the relationship between faith and reason because we cannot properly defend the faith if we have a wrong view of faith and reason.
  • Of course there are different views with faith and reason. How should we proceed? The second session we covered there is no religious neutrality–>Therefore we need to hold to a biblical view of faith and reason.


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A dear brother whom I esteem name Craig last week brought up some thoughts for conversation based upon my post.  He wrote:

I’ve thought a lot of about non-neutrality–what it might be. I’m not sure what to think about Paul on Mars Hill/the Areopagus (Acts 17:22-31). It seems to me he ‘compromised’ a bit, by engaging them at their level. And I’m not saying that was/is a bad thing.

He took their altar to THE UNKNOWN GOD and explained this as their mistaking this ‘unknown deity’ for the True God. Yet he is careful not to outright denigrate their belief system, though he does in a round-about way in his assertion that God does not dwell in human-made ‘temples’, and His nature cannot be reduced to mere silver or gold. In other words, his explanation for (and to counter their version of) THE UNKNOWN GOD does, by implication, apply to their altars to their other ‘deities’. Yet at the same time, he didn’t explicitly speak against their idols/’deities’.

So, was the Apostle completely ‘neutral’ in his speech/preaching here?

I thought I share my thoughts.


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(Note: What follows below is an improved version from a previous outline)

religious neutrality

Establish the need: Is Religious Neutrality Possible?

Purpose: We will look at four truths that in regards to ‘facts’ and all that man think and do, no one can approach any subject with neutrality towards God. This will of course shape our method of apologetics.

  1. Characteristics of Religious Neutrality
  2. Biblical doctrines does not allow for Religious Neutrality
  3. Religious Neutrality is unethical in a biblical worldview
  4. Religious Neutralty is philosophically impossible


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Establish the need: Do you know what is apologetics? And if you do know what it is, why is it important?

Purpose: In this introduction lesson we will answer the question of what is apologetics and why Christians are to engage in apologetics by considering four truths so that we would see the importance of this duty and also see the importance of this series.

  • What is Apologetics?
  • Why Apologetics?
  • Two sides of Apologetics
  • What apologetics is not


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shark sardines

Here are the links around the world wide web concerning Presuppositional Apologetics from February 1st-7th, 2022.  Enjoy!

1.) Cave to the Cross’ Apologetics Show: God As The Monomyth Storyteller – Ep.162 – What About Evil? – Everyone Loves A Good Ending – Part 1

2.) Bible Contradiction? To whom were the cities of Eshtaol and Zoreah given?

3.) Resistance to Question Evolution Day

4.) The Last Word on Atheism – Greg Bahnsen

5.) Circularity and Consistency

6.) Apologetics Resources on the Book of Enoch


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These are Presuppositional apologetics’ links gathered between May 22nd-31st, 2018.  Enjoy!

(There’s a lot of links this time!)

1.) Greg Bahnsen and Apologetics

2.) What are some ways you share the gospel locally using Apologetics? College Campuses Evangelism

3.) Examining Hinduism

4.) Series on Logic Part 11 – Equivocation

5.) I Think, Therefore “I AM”: Van Til’s TAG

6.) Modern Science and its Christian Basis

7.) If Equality, then God

8.) You Cannot Be Neutral


10.) Why Is There Evil In The World (And So Much Of It?…


12.) The Battle of the Brute Facts

13.) Jason Lisle: The Importance of Genesis


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Here’s the end of June 2017 Presuppositional Apologetics’ Links gathered between June 22nd-30th, 2017.

1.) Van Til Quote: Missing the Train by a Minute

2.) Atheism is Irrational, Illogical, and Easy to Refute

3.) Relativist Fallacy: “My Truth?” From Harvest Bible Chapel Waterloo Region

4.) Subjectively Objective

5.) Evolution, Atheism, and Intolerance

6.) Frontline Apologetics May 2017 Update

7.) How Nature Works Mathematically

8.) How relationship raises the questions of religion

9.) Clearing the Apologetic Malaise | Part 1


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First off thanks to Jeff Downs for letting me know about these lectures!

Westminster Theological Seminary have these “Seminary on Saturday” series and during April 2017 they had their professor of Apologetics Dr. Scott Oliphint teach.  For those of you who didn’t know Westminster Theological Seminary is the seminary where Cornelius Van Til taught at many years ago who was the founder of Presuppositional apologetics.  Christians must be informed by the Bible in how they do apologetics and that’s one of the plus of this method (among other things).

These lectures took place at Covenant Church in Nashville, TN.

Here are the lectures:


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Here are links related to Presuppositional apologetics’ gathered from March 8th-14th, 2017.  Enjoy!

1.) Christian Theism as a Unit

2.) So Much Proof for God — Where Do We Start?

3.) Voddie Baucham’s Expository Apologetics Lectures!

4.) Language Itself Testifies of the Creator

5.) Cause And Consequences in the Problem of Evil

6.) God at the center

7.) Can I trust the Bible? A question of presuppositions

8.) The Apologetic Task


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