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Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between October 8th-14th, 2017.  Enjoy!

1.) A Fresh Argument from Truth: Proof for God

2.) 2017 Reformation of Apologetics Conference Videos

3.) A Non-classical Proof for the Existence of God

4.) This is Apologetics: Presup Starter Pack

5.) Good Short Story: Snowblind

6.) John Frame on the Relationship Between Divine Sovereignty and Human Freedom

7.) Cornelius Van Til and the Archetype/Ectype Distinction


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Here are links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between September 8th-14th, 2017.

1.) Christian Paradigm Power: Atheism is Impossible


3.) Unique Way to Refute the Jehovah’s Witnesses

4.) What’s wrong with Hindu pantheism?


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These are links concerning Presuppositional apologetics gathered from September 1st-7th, 2017.

1.) Evaluating “The Circular Argument” Against Presuppositionalism

2.) Frank Turek: How Atheists Presuppose God for Science

3.) In Opposing Naturalism in Science, the Bible is More Foundational than Design

4.) An atheist dilemma

6.) Refuting the Critics #3

7.) What Wendy Fails to Prove: Refuting Inerrancy-Denying Arguments

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This is a collection of links from August 8th-31st, 2017.  It is a collection of a lengthier period of time since I was gone on missions earlier this month.

1.) Guest Post: In Opposing Naturalism in Science, the Bible is More Foundational than Design

2.) The Death of Darwinian Evolution: To Outer Darkness


4.) Presuppositional Apologetics and Personal Evangelism

5.) R.C. Sproul and Greg Bahnsen Debate Transcript

6.) Should We Believe That Roses Are Real? 


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John Frame. Theology in Three Dimensions.  Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, September 29th, 2017. 136 pp.

4 out of 5

Purchase: P&R PublishingAmazon

Over the years I have really benefited from reading theologian John Frame especially in thinking more consciously of my theological method.  John Frame’s triperspectivalism and his exploration of the inter-relationship of doctrines, theology and different field of study has also caused me not only to think more clearly but more worshipful of the God who is the source of the unity of various disciplines, doctrines and foci in theology.  In this book John Frame gives us a short one volume introduction to his triperspectivalism and his perspectivalism in general.  I’m glad he wrote this work.


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This is a guest post by Mike Warren.  His website can be found here.

In February a documentary film was released called “Is Genesis History?” that defends the historical accuracy of the book of Genesis from a literal, young-earth creationist perspective.  Paul Nelson was interviewed for the documentary.  He is a scholar at the Discovery Institute, the leading Intelligent Design (ID) organization.  He is one of the few young-earth creationists at the Institute.  But when he saw the completed work, he felt compelled to write a strong denunciation of the message that his interview seemed to convey.  In the article, “New Film Is Genesis History? Presents a False Dichotomy: I Dissent from My Role in It,”[i] Nelson says that his talk about the “conventional paradigm” and the “historical Genesis paradigm” included in the film after some editing presented a false dichotomy between the young-earth creationist view and all the other views of origins.  I have addressed the epistemological problems with the ID movement’s disregard for the Bible in an essay published in the Journal of Creation,[ii] but Nelson’s protest over the film is an appropriate time to revisit the issue and focus on his particular argument.


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Currently away at the moment.  This is a guest review by Dan C.  He is a friend who reads this blog and his website can be found at The Battle Cry.  Check it out.

Presuppositional Apologetics and Personal Evangelism

Sounds rather ominous, doe it not? Really deep stuff! Well, not necessarily. First, let’s define our terms.

“Presuppositionalism is a school of Christian apologetics that believes the Christian faith is the only basis for rational thought. It presupposes that the Bible is divine revelation and attempts to expose flaws in other worldviews. It claims that apart from presuppositions, one could not make sense of any human experience, and there can be no set of neutral assumptions from which to reason with a non-Christian”.[i]

 “To evangelize is to present Christ Jesus to sinful people in order that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, they may come to put their trust in God through Him.”[ii]


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