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Currently away at the moment.  This is a guest review by Dan C.  He is a friend who reads this blog and his website can be found at The Battle Cry.  Check it out.

Presuppositional Apologetics and Personal Evangelism

Sounds rather ominous, doe it not? Really deep stuff! Well, not necessarily. First, let’s define our terms.

“Presuppositionalism is a school of Christian apologetics that believes the Christian faith is the only basis for rational thought. It presupposes that the Bible is divine revelation and attempts to expose flaws in other worldviews. It claims that apart from presuppositions, one could not make sense of any human experience, and there can be no set of neutral assumptions from which to reason with a non-Christian”.[i]

 “To evangelize is to present Christ Jesus to sinful people in order that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, they may come to put their trust in God through Him.”[ii]


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Here are the links related to Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between August 1st-7th, 2017.

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This latest round up has a lot more stuff than usual!

Here are the links related to Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between July 22nd-31st, 2017.

1.) Misrepresentation: Do Presuppositionalists conflate the moral depravity in the Bible with human reasoning?

2.) Theism: Plain or Necessary?


4.) Presuppositional Apologetics Lectures: Patrick Hines on Youtube

6.) The Classical Apologists Facepalming Misuse of Scripture

7.) Refuting the Critics #1

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9.) Notes on Evil and Evidence

10.) Reformed Forum’s Upcoming 2017 Conference: The Reformation of Apologetics

12.) Feedback: Is Atheism a Religion?

13.) God Made Man and Woman. PERIOD. Then Back to William Lane Craig and Presuppositionalism


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The last two weeks seems to have more internet controversies against Presuppositional apologetics from various quarters.  I think it is always unfortunate when Christians misrepresent other Christians and in this post I want to deal with an objection against Presuppositional apologetics.

I have wrote a previous post titled “ which dealt with this particular critic.  The critic have also wrote the following:

Further, I think that the presuppositionalist has just misunderstood the doctrine of total depravity. Depravity is a moral concept, not a qualitative concept. The whole of humanity is fallen, but not depraved. Human eyesight, for instance, is fallen. People need to wear glasses. It is not depraved. When a Christian is born again, they are not given new eyesight. Likewise, human reason is not qualitatively changed when they become a Christian. If that were the case, then non-Christians would be utterly unreasonable. The natural man would have no capacity to interact with the world on an intellectual level. But Paul said that the natural man does not understand the things of the Spirit of God (1st Corinthians 2:14). If we are going to engage with and against presuppositional apologetics, we need to understand that it is a foolish mistake to conflate the moral depravity in the Bible with human reasoning.

Here’s my thoughts:


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Patrick Hines is the pastor of Bridwell Heights Presbyterian Church in Kingsport, Tennessee and often teach on Presuppositional apologetics.  Here in this series Patrick Hines teaches on Presuppositional apologetics’ on Youtube.  This is a fairly recent series.

I am sharing this also because I have seen some recent misrepresentation of this methodology or it being trivialized and misrepresented.  While there’s a place to refute misrepresentations it might be more fruitful to understand what is Presuppositionalism is in the first place.   Enjoy these videos!


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These links are gathered from July 1st-7th, 2017.

1.)  Exegetical and Theological Apologetics | Part 2

2.) The Case Against Lying

3.) Scientific Realism and Natural Theology: The Wedding

4.) All of Journal of Creation now free online!

5.) Inerrancy and the Trinity

6.) Review: Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical


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Timothy Keller.  Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical. New York, NY: Viking, September 20th, 2016. 320 pp.

4 out of 5

Purchase: Westminster Amazon

Over the years I have appreciated the writing of Timothy Keller.  Keller has written this title not just only as Christian apologetics but he makes a direct appeal to those who are non-Christians to consider Christianity.  I thought it was a great angle that Keller was trying to write this book to “talk” to those who aren’t Christians rather than this being another book on Christian apologetics written by a Christian for Christians.


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