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Two fellow bloggers posted this yesterday: A Mysterious Drop in Views – Year 2 and Was It Something I Said?

I have also noticed the decrease of blog views since 2020 with every year having less views.  Yet I also want to balance that to say that God has been tremendously gracious with the blog Veritas Domain with its reach and interactions with people.

I want to add some further thoughts on why this might be happening, why I still blog and what I try to do to support others.


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Yesterday I wrote my post “Bible Contradiction? Did Paul go to Jerusalem immediately after his conversion? and from the comments I thought about how I have heard this alleged contradiction has actually been brought up many times including when I was in college by a professor.

Then today I saw this clip from the son of a famous preacher, and this son apostated from Christianity.  These days he’s making videos attacking Christianity.


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Been having a hard time with my aging computer, hence the later post.  Its been a crazy weekend too (see last post).

Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between January 15th-21st, 2023.

1.) Cave to the Cross’ The Basics Of Apologetics – Ep.208 – Apologetics By John Frame – The Basics – Part 1

2.) Bible Contradiction? Were the men with Paul knocked to the ground?

3.) Naturalism And Paganism in Modern Media

4.) Psalm 16 is Messianic

5.) Warnings about Scientific Models

7.) What Is the Best Argument for the Existence of God?

8.) HGA Episode 3. Book Review On Van TIl’s Apologetics by Greg Bahnsen

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Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between January 8th-14th, 2023.

1.) Cave to the Cross’ The Need To Clarify And Encourage – Ep. 207 – Apologetics By John Frame – Preface

2.) Bible Contradiction? Is it OK to curse people?

3.) Sneaky Evolutionary Propaganda and a Duck Dinosaur

4.) Psalm 8 is Messianic

5.) Reformed Rookie: Always Ready: Chap. 28 Apologetic Tools

6.) Apologetics Sermon Illustration #82: Bad reasons to call 911 and thoughts on what’s one’s worldview’s understanding of one’s greatest problem

7.) The failure of classical Christian apologetics? (with Ron DiGiacomo)

8.) Thoughts on Cultural Analysis

9.) Biblical Interpretation and Proper Context

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Here are links concerning Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between January 1st-7th, 2023.

1.) Cave to the Cross’ Introducing John Frame & Apologetics – Ep. 206 – Apologetics By John Frame – Preface

2.) Bible Contradiction? Should we try to please others?

3.) What is Christian apologetics? | Apologist Answers

4.) Our Top 10 Posts of 2022

5.) Clear Evidence for God — No Excuse

6.) Psalm 3 is Messianic

7.) Can Evolution Explain Morality?

8.) David’s Moon objection to Van Til in his Master’s Thesis “Reforming Virtue”

9.) Reblog Ultimate Collection of Free Presuppositional Apologetics Lectures

10.) Facebook Meme

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There’s a thesis for a Master’s in Theology over at Southern Seminary that seems fascinating titled “Reforming Virtue: Bavinck’s Method of Engaging with Virtue Ethics from a Reformed Perspective” by David Moon.  It was completed in December 2022.

I want to examine something in the thesis that was critical of Presuppositionalism and its founder, Cornelius Van Til.

If you read this blog you know that I subscribe to Presuppositional Apologetics.  I won’t be rehearsing what Presuppositional Apologetics is but check out here for a compact definition and here for a lists of many lectures and of those many messages check out Apologetics: What Would Jesus Do? 4 Messages if you can’t decide

While I want to comment about the author’s thoughts on Van Til and Presuppositionalism I want to also say there’s things that one can learn from in the thesis and in no way should this post be seen as a dismissal of everything that’s written in the thesis.


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Happy New Year!

These are links gathered from December 22nd-31st, 2022 related to Presuppositionalism/Presuppositional apologetics!  Enjoy!

1.) Presuppositional Apologetics and the Canon

2.) Bible Contradiction? What must a congregation do if it sins through ignorance?

3.) Science is Scrooged by Evolutionism

5.) Patrick’s 2022 Book Reviews – Ep.205 – Read More Books – Part 2

6.) Psalm 2 is Messianic

7.) Book Review: The Best Religion For the Task At Hand

8.) Bible Contradiction? Did Paul see Jesus on the road to Damascus?

9.) Confusing Eschatology

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Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between December 15th-21st, 2022.

While it is not in this week’s round up I do want to share Christmas Recommended Books on Presuppositional Apologetics for 2022 since we are in the month of December.

1.) Cave to the Cross Episode: Redux – Bob Murphy Interview

2.) Bible Contradiction? How many of Senaah’s offspring returned from Babylon?

3.) Always Ready: Chap. 26 The Heart of the Matter Pt. 1

4.) Isaiah 9:6 is Messianic

5.) Some Evolutionary Censorship Tactics

6.) Not enough evidence, God!  Not enough evidence!

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Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between December 8th-14th, 2022.

In light of the Holidays here’s our 13th Annual Presuppositional Apologetics’ Christmas Books Recommendations:  Christmas Recommended Books on Presuppositional Apologetics for 2022

1.) Dismissing Creation Science with Fake Definitions

2.) Bible Contradiction? How should Sabbath-breakers be punished?

3.) Episode 20 – How to Have a Truly Christian Homeschool (aka How Does Presuppositional Apologetics Apply to Homeschooling?)

4.) Fall 2022 Bahnsen Institute Apologetics Conference Videos


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bible blur christ christianity

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have written a few years ago “Quick Thoughts on the self attesting nature of the Bible.”  I thought I add to that discussion on the self-attesting nature of the Bible and how Biblical Theology helps us crystalize how the Bible is itself self-attesting.


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I’m especially excited to present our annual Christmas Recommended Books on Presuppositional apologetics and Van Til’s apologetics.  That is because this is our blog’s thirteenth year in which we post our recommendations of books as Christmas gifts on the subject of Presuppositional apologetics or the Christian worldview!

Below are links to the recommendations from previous years, and if you are new to the whole thing with Presuppositional apologetics and want something introductory I highly recommend the first two books we recommend this year along with the listing from 2014 which we highlighted in bold:

This year list’s of recommended books on Presuppositional apologetics is listed below.  Each work will have a link to my fuller review and also links to where one can purchase the book.

Here’s this year’s recommendations:


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The Faithful Apologist Rethinking the Role of Persuasion in Apologetics

K. Scott Oliphint. The Faithful Apologist: Rethinking the Role of Persuasion in Apologetics. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Academic, February 22nd 2022. 224 pp.

4 out of 5

Purchase: Westminster Amazon

Want to read a biblical book on persuasion in the context of evangelism and apologetics?  This book is worth considering.  It is written by a professor of apologetics, K. Scott Oliphint.  Oliphint teaches at Westminster Theological Seminary and is also a Presuppositional Apologist.  I know some people have told me they think Presuppositionalists have no interests with persuading people but only to refute unbelievers; this book suggests otherwise.  I’m glad that a book on persuasion was written by someone who is a Presuppositionalist!


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Immanuel Kant by Shao Kai Tseng

Shao Kai Tseng. Immanuel Kant.  Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, November 16th 2020. 232 pp.

5 out of 5

Purchase: Westminster Amazon

Have you heard of the philosopher Immanuel Kant?  Kant as a philosopher is hard to understand and yet Kant was such a watershed individual in philosophy.  Through his writings philosophy went from the trend of large speculation on the “big ideas” of God, freedom, morality, religion, etc., to the overall trend today of being interpretative and analytic, and dare I say “less ambitious” in its scope and aims.  Given Kant’s importance and the difficulties of interpreting him this book has been immensely helpful.  The author Shao Kai Tseng has done a superb job writing this book.  He’s given us a rigorous introduction to Kant from a Reformed standpoint.  A professor of philosophy, the author is also a Reformed Christian with an impressive academic background in philosophy and theology: His Master of Divinity is from Regent College, his ThM from Princeton Theological Seminary and his MSt and DPhil from Oxford. I appreciate that his writing is from a biblical worldview.


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Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between November 8th-14, 2021.

1.) Cave to the Cross’ Dualism & Other Religions Critiqued – Ep.202 – Against All Opposition – A Quick Course In Comparative Religions

2.) Bible contradiction? Do Christians know how to pray?

3.) Always Ready: Chap. 20: You Must Believe In Order To Understand

4.) Review: Presup Shark Hoodie

6.) Deuteronomy 18 and the Messiah being like Moses

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Note: I was going to post it yesterday but the Sunday Church series took priority!

Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between November 1st-7th, 2022.

1.) Cave to the Cross’ All Unbelievers Believe – Ep.201 – Against All Opposition – The Unbeliever Is A Believer

2.) Bible contradiction? Should Christians be concerned with material things?

3.) Episode 15 – A Case for 6-Day Creation (Part 3) – The Age of the Earth

4.) Answering Fools According to Their Folly – Apologist Answers

5.) Van Til Group #9 — God’s Knowledge of the World and Man’s Knowledge of God

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