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I want to thank the author David Kits for sending this book as a gift to me during Christmas.  I am very thankful that I got to read this book.  I was much delayed writing a post for today as I was finishing this incredible book which I highly recommend.

David Kitz. The Soldier Who Killed A King.  Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, July 25th 2017. 288 pp.

5 out of 5

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I normally don’t read fiction (besides comics) but I made exception for this book and I’m glad I did.  This is a powerful retelling of the last week of Jesus.  It is narrated in the first person by the centurion who confessed that Jesus is the Son of God at the crucifixion in Matthew 27:54.  The author gave the centurion the fictional name of Marcus Longinus.  This story is shaped by the biblical account of the last week of Jesus.  I have previously enjoyed the author’s prose in his book on the Psalms and here in his story of the last week of Jesus’ life he takes things to the next level.  It is excellent and I’m glad David Kitz wrote this.  During one of the days I was reading this book I was in line to pick up my food to go at a restaurant.  The lady ringing me up at the cashier counter asked what I was reading and I told her what this book was about.  She didn’t feel so comfortable and I told her how I enjoyed it and the incredible work the author has done in terms of its history and how it is written.  She added “But it sounds so deep…”  She is right.  The passion of Christ is deep.  And it is sobering.  Yet it is joyful.  Joyful because we know Christ came to die on the cross for the forgiveness of sins.  Sinners such as you and I.  David Kitz tells this story in a while that will grab your attention but also in a manner that is reverential and deep…because the subject is deep.  Of course I recommend this book but more than that I want to “recommend” and plead for people reading this review to trust in Jesus as their Savior.


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