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Divine Blessing and the Fullness of Life in the Presence of God

William R. Osborne. Divine Blessing and the Fullness of Life in the Presence of God.  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, October 20th 2020.  160 pp.

5 out of 5

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Do you have a biblical view of God’s blessing?  There are those today who get caught up with prosperity Gospel.  That’s one error.  But another error can arise that is born from over-reaction to the Prosperity Gospel in which God’s blessings are denies, downplayed or the subject is diverted.   A biblical theology of blessing is much needed and I believe this book makes a unique contribution since most works against prosperity Gospel engages the topic more in a fashion of “systematic theology” but here with this book the author uses biblical theology in his methodology in tackling the blessing of God.  This I think helps readers to see verses about blessing in its context and also in light of how God’s progressive revelation unfolded.  The author is William R. Osborne , a Professor of biblical and theological studies at College of the Ozarks and he is more than qualified to write a biblical theology of God’s blessing from Genesis to Revelation.


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G.K. Beale. Redemptive Reversals and the Ironic Overturning of Human Wisdom. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, October 17, 2019.  208 pp.

5 out of 5

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Do you appreciate irony?  I love ironies and if there’s one literature that really got me interested in this literary device it was the Bible.  In this book New Testament scholar G. K. Beale look at the various irony found throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  This is an excellent work on Biblical Theology and certainly I want to read more of Beale’s books.


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The shooting in Orlando this past Saturday has sparked a lot of emotional reaction on Social Media.  It is tragic to see a radicalized Muslim going around murdering many people.  I believe that as Christians there is a role of grieving with those who grieve.

There is also a role that Christians must speak out against evil when one sees it.  Enter this Tweet from Planned Parenthood with this response to the Orlando Shooting.

Let me know if you see the irony:

An organization that murders the most helpless members of the human race, the unborn, has tweeted they “stand against violence…”

Are we to laugh or are we to cry?  Or both?

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I read this news several days ago and I kept on coming back to it.

MULTAN, Pakistan — A 2,000-strong Pakistani mob snatched a mentally unstable man from a police station, beat him to death and torched his body after he allegedly burned pages from a Koran, police said Thursday.

The mob ransacked the police station in a village on the outskirts of central Pakistan’s Bahawalpur city, some 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of Multan, on Tuesday after officers refused to hand him over.

Local police station chief Ghulam Mohiuddin said Ghulam Abbas, in his early 40s, was taken into custody after people said they caught him burning pages of the Muslim holy book.

“After some time, more than 2,000 people surrounded the police station and asked the police to hand over the man to them, and upon refusal they ransacked the police station and took the accused with them,” Mohiuddin told AFP.

“The protesters also set fire to several motorcycles and vehicles parked in the police station and damaged the quarters of police officials.

“Later they took away Ghulam Abbas to a main crossing, beat him to death and set his body on fire.”

He said the man was mentally unstable and “was not aware of even the location of his residence”.

District police chief Ahmed Ishaq Jahangir told AFP the mob was too much for the police to handle after some in the group incited others to take action.

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They said that man was mentally unstable.  I think it’s more ironic that the fact that 2,000 people who can be so fanatical in their Islamic faith to go swarm the police station, over power the authorities and practice vigilante street justice somehow escape the attention of the news writer and the Local Police chief as not being mentally unstable.

On that note, beginning on July 15th, the contributors here on Veritas Domain will have a special week long marathon focusing on Islam.  Like James White, we here on Veritas Domain as a Christian blog have been burdened to at least give a bit of attention towards addressing a religion that has been oppressive against so many of the brothers and sisters of the persecuted church and other non-muslims.  The least we can do is spend a week providing apologetics (polemics against Islam, defenses concerning pop muslim arguments against Christianity, etc), additional resources in addition to speaking out for the persecuted church and bringing awareness to pray for the believers.

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