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Al Mohler

Al Mohler: Biblical Description of a Preacher

Malachi 2

There are no minor prophets there are just short books

Purpose: We shall see a biblical description of a preacher

The preacher’s fear

The preacher’s walk

The preacher’s task


Some preliminary question:

Little is known about Malachi, his name means “messenger.”

What is the covenant of Levi?

Genesis 34 we see God curse Levi for his sin against his sister but then in Exodus 32 and 33 we see the Tribe of Levi being given a role of priesthood

We also see Jeremiah 33:17-22 that God promised that the

We often forget that the role of the priest it was one of teaching; though preachers in the New Testament and Levite priests are identical nevertheless we see their role of teaching

In one sense, the role of the preacher is seen in Malachi 1:1 of preachers being a messenger of what He has delivered to us in Scripture.

When we look at the context of Malachi we see a corruption of the culture and the corruption of the priesthood; thus this book is a call to holiness, truth and as a focus, to the priesthood

Malachi 2:4 mentioned God gave a covenant of life and peace

The greatest miracle about preaching for us is that you survived.

Malachi 2:4 is also amazing in that it was given to God

And it is a covenant of fear


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