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A weekend leisure reading book review.  Because even Pastors need a break from heavy theological reading.

Howard Chaykin.  The Shadow: Midnight in Moscow.  Runnemede, NJ: Dynamite Entertainment, July, 2015.  160 pp.

3 out of 5

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This is another graphic novel of the pulp hero name the Shadow.  Most of the stories of the Shadow takes place in the 1930s but this particular volume takes place on the end of the year of 1949 and the beginning of 1950.  There are multiple references throughout the graphic novel that the Shadow has been fighting crime and evil men for over two decades and a major subplot is how long the Shadow would keep going with his fight against evil since there is no end in sight with the amount of evil men who would arise as villains and also because the Shadow’s longtime partner against crime and lover Margo Lane wishes to settle down.  Yet even when the two are on vacation trouble still follows them and the need for the Shadow calls.


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Today’s post will tackle another question that the Skeptic Annotated Bible asked: “How was Zedekiah related to Nebuchadnezzar?” This is one of their more recent addition and the website stated that this was added to the lists of contradictions online after the Skeptic Annotated Bible was already published.

Here are the two answers which the skeptic believes shows a Bible contradiction:

Zedekiah was Nebuchadnezzar’s uncle.

Then the king of Babylon made his uncle Mattaniah king in his place, and changed his name to Zedekiah. (2 Kings 24:17)

Zedekiah was Nebuchadnezzar’s brother.

At the turn of the year King Nebuchadnezzar sent and brought him to Babylon with the valuable articles of the house of the Lord, and he made his kinsman Zedekiah king over Judah and Jerusalem. (2 Chronicles 36:10)

(Note: Scriptural quotation comes from the New American Standard Bible)

Here’s a closer look at whether or not there is a contradiction:


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