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It’s Friday night!  Here’s a light reading review for the weekend…because Pastors need a break from heavy theological readings too!

Gene Yang. New Super-Man, Volume 3: Equilibrium. Burbank, CA: DC Comics, June 19th 2018. 168 pp.

4 out of 5

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This is the third volume and final volume of a fun series.  I’m not usually a fan of Superman but this “New Superman” has really been a delight to read.  This particular volume collects issues 13 through 19.  I was actually looking forward to this volume to come out; something very rare for me with comics.  I really am a fan of the writer Gene Yang and he does not disappoint in this book.


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Previously I have dealt with some alleged Bible contradiction concerning Judas’ last moments before his death.   You might want to check out What did Judas do with the silver? and Who bought the potter’s field?

For today’s post we will tackle the question the Skeptic Annotated Bible asked: How did Judas die?

Here are the two answers which the skeptic believes shows a Bible contradiction:

He hanged himself.

And he threw the pieces of silver into the temple sanctuary and departed; and he went away and hanged himself.” (Matthew 27:5)

He fell down and died.

(Now this man acquired a field with the price of his wickedness, and falling headlong, he burst open in the middle and all his intestines gushed out.” (Acts 1:18)

(All Scriptural quotation comes from the New American Standard Bible)

Here’s a closer look at whether or not there is a contradiction:


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