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George Saieg is a Sudanese Christian.  Over a decade ago I’ve witnessed alongside with him and some of the things that Muslims have done to him or attempt to do to him are just crazy.

Here’s a video on more practical pointers on how to witness to a Muslim.

Most of the suggestions are more practical points and cultural awareness.

If you are interested check out our past series Index to Veritas Domain’s Islamic Marathon Week especially with our WITNESSING TO MUSLIMS: THE QURANIC VIEW OF THE BIBLE.


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Its the Christmas season and I’ve been yearning to make jingles of truths that are biblical.

This year I’ve been attempting to write posts that puts theology into bite size memorable ditties.  Little rhymes to drive the point home.

Here’s one to encourage faithful evangelism:




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Part 3

ambasssador of Christ image series


Last week we saw that the first characteristic of an ambassador for Christ is that he or she should is one who is faithful.  knows God well.  Today we shall see that an ambassador is one who is willing to suffer.


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Part 2

ambasssador of Christ image series

Last week we saw that the first characteristic of an ambassador for Christ is that he or she should is one who is sent for a purpose.  knows God well.  Today we shall see that an ambassador is one who is faithful.


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Part 1

ambasssador of Christ image series

Last week we saw that the first characteristic of an ambassador for Christ is that he or she should knows God well.  Today we shall see that an ambassador is one who is sent for a purpose.


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ambasssador of Christ image series

We’re going to have an outline series starting this upcoming Sunday on the characteristics of an ambassador for Christ.  I think my last part of the series puts it really in historical perspective of what an ambassador is when Paul said it in the Bible.  Please stay tune to the very end!  My prayers is that it would bless God’s people.

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Feminist did not like calling God a He

Yesterday during my weekly campus evangelism I had a dialogue with a feminist woman who didn’t like how I called God “He.”

How does one respond?

A thought occurred to me when she stated her displeasure.

Here’s the dialogue:


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This video is rather intense of a recently evangelism in Jerusalem by American preachers doing open-air preaching.

I am stunned at the spitting going on by the Israeli unbelievers.  It is pretty gross.  Then there’s the grabbing and the harassing.

It reminds me of what our Lord and Savior faced.

Pray for the salvation of those who were there.  I pray that Israel would come to know her Messiah: Jesus Christ.

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Soul winning spurgeon

Charles H. Spurgeon. Soul Winning.  Pensacola, FL: Chapel Library, July 1st, 2015. 16 pp.

This is an adaptation from an 1869 sermon by the famous preacher Charles Spurgeon.  Spurgeon’s message is based upon Proverbs 11:30 which in the King James says “He that winneth souls is wise.”  This booklet focuses on Christians evangelizing the lost.  Spurgeon explains the term winning as understood in different context and lays out the reason why it is wise to engage in “soul winning.”  I enjoyed reading this because it wasn’t addressed primarily towards Pastors but towards all the members of the church.  He also gave practical suggestions on reaching the lost which I appreciated very much.  Evangelism isn’t just only done on non-Sundays; he even talked about reaching people who are visiting the church in which one should talk to strangers about the sermon after the service is over.  Again very practical and spiritually motivating.  For our own church I had one of the small groups read through it together and I am currently having this as a must read for some of the guys who does evangelism with me.

You can read this booklet for free via Chapel Library in the following format:  PDF EPUB  MOBI

If you really want to get it on Amazon for your Kindle, it’s available for 99 cents by clicking HERE.

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Penn Jillette evangelize

Our friend and blogger Wally Fry wrote a piece titled “God’s Garden-Lettuce Be Kind Part 10-Jesus the Only Way You Say? That’s NOT Very Nice” in which he shared about the loving act of evangelizing to the lost.  Wally quoted atheist Penn Jillette, of the magician duo, Penn & Teller the following paragraph:

“I’ve always said that I don’t respect people who don’t proselytize. I don’t respect that at all. If you believe that there’s a heaven and a hell, and people could be going to hell or not getting eternal life, and you think that it’s not really worth telling them this because it would make it socially awkward—and atheists who think people shouldn’t proselytize and who say just leave me along and keep your religion to yourself—how much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize? How much do you have to hate somebody to believe everlasting life is possible and not tell them that?

“I mean, if I believed, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that a truck was coming at you, and you didn’t believe that truck was bearing down on you, there is a certain point where I tackle you. And this is moreimportant than that.”

I like the quote and I’ve used this quotation from Penn Jillette several times in the past as a sermon illustration.  I’ve asked Wally if he’s seen the actual clip and I just realized the clip I have bookmarked has been taken down by Youtube.  So I thought it was worthwhile to make it a post for future reference of where the clip is available.


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I’ve really enjoyed Ray Comfort’s ministry.  Early in my Christian life the Lord has used him to teach me a lot about evangelism.  I am grateful to hear his sermon many years ago titled “Hell’s Best Kept Secret.”

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron has also worked together to produce a video by the same name.  Ray Comfort ministries have made that available recently this month on Youtube!

Here it is:

May God use this to equip more believers in witnessing to people by appealing to people’s conscience and pointing them to their need for a Savior in Jesus Christ!

After watching the video if you want to look up further resources concerning the Way of the Master you may check out the following:

Book Recommendation: God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life by Ray Comfort

Review: What Did Jesus Do?

Video: Are you a Good Person?

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This was from this year’s “Jesus Only Conference,” a one-day Conference in Southern California for high schoolers, college students and young adults.

The following are the videos from the three main sessions.

Session #1: Predestination, Proclamation, Praise: The Sovereignty of God and Evangelism


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Note: I am overseas at the moment and will not have any internet.  This is a guest post by Michael A. Coughlin.  His blog can be found HERE.




For those who are biblically qualified to open air preach with accountability to a local church, I offer the following open air preaching practical pointers!

  1. Presuppositions
  2. Preparation
  3. People
  4. Prayer
  5. Projection

This series is planned to span 5 posts.  A few items as far as introductions go. These posts were written with certain presuppositions about the reader in mind.

  1. You are a born-again Christian
  2. You are a male who has a local church and you are a member with faithful attendance
  3. Your local church is aware of your open air preaching and your leadership supports you continuing

For the sake of alliteration I have created 5 Ps of Open Air Preaching.  This list is not comprehensive. In fact, the list and posts have been kept intentionally short to allow for discussion in the comments and to discourage people from “not reading because it was soooooo long.” If you are reading this blog, you likely know that as a presupposition we believe the Word of God to be inerrant, infallible and sufficient: an attribute without which you’ll have no ground to stand upon when preaching.

As far as personal qualifications go, these posts are a mix of my Bible knowledge, reading and personal experience as an open air preacher for 5 years at a number of different venues.

Finally, these posts aren’t meant to be a formula for “making converts,” nor will failure to adhere to my guidelines automatically result in “no one getting saved.” God will save whomsoever He wills in His good timing. The question is – will you act in such a way as to make your preaching usable and your life above reproach?

Enter your questions in the comment boxes if you have any! And finally, please don’t turn this into a women preaching debate as that is for another day. In the next post, we will look at some key factors to being a prepared open air preacher.


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Boxer down

Background: In my post on Sunday “Twitter attack on #SoulVultures and the Nepalese Earthquake,” I noted that there are Hindus and others on Twitter harassing those Christians who expressed evangelistic prayers for Nepal in light of the recent earthquake and Christian evangelistic relief efforts.  In Sunday’s post I gave a compact summary of the Gospel since people kept on misrepresenting it and I also dealt with the objection to Christian evangelistic relief effort and evangelistic prayers.  Specifically I dealt with the objection by noting how the objection faces a self-defeater that is provided from within these guys’ own respective worldview.  As of this moment that I am writing this, those who have commented on the post against us have yet to interact with the arguments that was presented.  But overall at least the comments were civil.  But this is not true on Twitter.  We’ve been called many things and have many nasty things said about Christianity the last 48 hours.  I want to share one of the better exchange that was not filled with profanity.  I want to share this dialogue as a window for others to see the folly of opposing Christians sharing the Gospel when one’s own faulty worldview and religious outlook undermine the rational basis for making that objection.  I want to note that since EvangelZ and I (SlimJim) both used the blog’s Twitter account, it is hard to distinguished my tweet and those by EvangelZ.  Here I limiting the record of this dialogue to the tweets that were my own words.  I also left out other Hindus ganging up against us during the dialogue as these tweets were largely distracting, harassing and not fruitful.  I also focused only on the tweets of our dialogue partner directed towards my own words; and the tweets from our Hindu friend that I am responding to.

Apologetics Illustration:

I want to explain what I see the direction of the dialgue with the following illustration.  Wouldn’t it be strange if a boxer ended up knocking himself out?  Kind of like this guy did to himself:

I think this describes what our Hindu friend did to himself here.  I think it was not so much I was “beating down” on him as it was more that his own beliefs were delivering his own knockout punches.  The point of my dialogue was merely to point out that his own beliefs were refuting his objection against Christians engaging in evangelism to Hindus.

The Dialogue:

Our Hindu friend’s main thesis was, to put it in his words, “The ppl u seek to cnvrt have their own religion,y not accept that his religion is as precious/true for him as urs for u.”

We pick up where he started to describe his beliefs that religious claims are no more than mere preferences:

Hindu: u have the right to say my dad is the best dad in the world,as long as u add two words; “for me”.Sadly ppl dont realize this

The Domain for Truth: so religious claims are just subjective?

Hindu: certainly.  Not all people think alike,hence there are different ways to approach the divine.Depending on ur culture/country.

The Domain for Truth: Ok so if you believe this why are you railing against another cultural way of giving aid? #contradiction

Hindu: u may like baked potatoes,i may like french fries.The potate does not change,how we consume it does.

The Domain for Truth: You say we should not condemn as wrong yet you do so? #Contradiction

The Domain for Truth: If you believe everything is mere preference; then you can’t condemn someone else’s preference including those of Christians

Hindu: because u are demeaning someone else’s religion/faith in the process.Also the whole idea that my god is superior to ur god.

The Domain for Truth: But your belief in religious relativism is an undercutting defeater to your complaint of Christianity; you can’t say its wrong

Hindu: Think of god as an all loving parent.IsHe GoingToSend 1 to hell and another toHeaven JustCos 1 called him DadAndAnother pop?

The Domain for Truth: But that’s just your relative view remember? You assert all religious propositions are mere preferences; r u evangelizing?

Hindu: i am just saying u dont have the right to say that baked potatoes are the only way,other ways of consuming it is wrong.

The Domain for Truth: Who made you one who gives right when its all up to individual preference? Do you see the irony?

Hindu: We dont because we respect all faiths.We accept that any effort made to reach god in any form is acceptable to god.

The Domain for Truth: Will you accept the Christian faith? Hm…

Hindu: How is it evangelizing,didnt ask anyone to leave their faith.

The Domain for Truth: Evangelism is sharing one’s faith

Hindu: no.

The Domain for Truth: Let me explain: If you say religious claims are preferences its just their choice. But then you say “u dont have the right”

Hindu: nope.Accept that the religion in which u are born is the best for u.Its called swadharma(ones own dharma) in hinduism.

Hindu: ur mom might be best for u,not for me.for me my mother is the best.Always remember that and there will be no quarrels.

The Domain for Truth: Thank you for that term Swadharma

The Domain for Truth: But then you quarrel with someone’s else view? Do you see the irony of your claims and what you are doing?

Hindu: did not ask u to leave ur faith.U asked me a question and I responded.

The Domain for Truth: But you attacked our faith and our God

Hindu: Saying Whites are better than blacks is blatant racism.Same holds true for religions,shoudlnt it.religious racism.

The Domain for Truth: But is this objectively true? Remember you assert claims that are religious in nature is just subjective preferences

Hindu: nope.Discussing is different from abusing/calling names.didnt ask u the convert or speak ill abt Christianity,now did I??

The Domain for Truth: You didn’t ask us to convert; true; but you did argue against it how is that accepting?

Hindu: haha when did i attack,using the victim card now are we??

The Domain for Truth: Look at the thread and see what you have to say about Christianity

Hindu: Saying my version is the only version certainly is silly.

The Domain for Truth: No it’s a logical observation that two contarry claims can’t be right

The Domain for Truth: But is the Christian version silly in light of your mockery against it in this thread? #Contradiction

Hindu: my atman was already created divine.Only I have not realized it yet.no concept of sin with atman.

The Domain for Truth: “my atman was already created divine.Only I have not realized it”<–You know this but you didn’t realize it? #Contradiction

Hindu: no saying my way/religion is the “only” religion certainly is.

The Domain for Truth: If you really are tolerant can you tolerate a religion that says it’s the only way?


Be sure to check out .

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Honest Evangelism Rico Tice

Last week I wrote a review for a new book on evangelism.  It was a book that I thought was unusually good so I looked up more information about it and found that the publisher have produced two trailers and an interview with the author.  I highly recommend it.

For my review of the book click HERE.

To purchase the book through Amazon click HERE.

Here are the two trailer videos:

Here is the video of the interview:


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