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Exegesis Bible Contradiction

Since October 2015 I have blogged quite a bit on Bible contradictions.  As a result of blogger Wally Fry who encouraged me to have a post that lists all the posts I have written, I decided to put this together.  It is an update from the previous Provisional listing posted earlier some months back.

It is my hope that God’s people would be equipped, that those who are not saved would benefit from the defense of the faith as well.  I encourage you to bookmark this, share this with others via social media, emails, word of mouth, etc.

Methods and Approach

  1. Why Refuting Bible Contradictions Takes Time?
  2. How to Handle Bible Contradictions
  3. John Frame Quote on Apparent Contradictions
  4. One Witty Ditty For Your Memory of Theology: Handling Bible Contradictions
  5. Paradox of Proverbs, and it’s application
  6. A Meme Confirming Why I’m doing Apologetics on Veritas Domain
  7. Quick Thoughts on the self attesting nature of the Bible
  8. Don’t Waste Your Bible Contradiction
  9. How Not to Handle Bible Contradictions: Denying the Law of Non-Contradiction
  10. Online Skeptics have a serious copy-and-paste problem
  11. The First 7 Mp3s of our Posts concerning methods dealing with Bible Contradictions


  1. Bible Contradictions and Fitting Puzzle Pieces
  2. Apologetics Sermon Illustration:Idioms of Love and Bible Contradictions
  3. Apologetics Sermon Illustration: Whoppers and Bible Contradictions
  4. Apologetics Sermon Illustration: Bible Contradiction and Gold Medal at the Cambrian Patrol
  5. Apologetics Sermon Illustration: Bible Contradiction and the Word “Left”
  6. Bible Contradiction and Louisiana Purchase
  7. Bible Contradiction and Thanksgiving Story
  8. Refuting Contradictions and Martial Arts Punch
  9. Bible Contradiction and Contronyms
  10. Bible Contradiction and Mistaking ‘poppers’ for Candy
  11. Bible in context and Florida man flies banner as marriage proposal mistaken for racism


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